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    My phone has been freezing ever since the 1.4.5 update. I figure I must have an incompatable app or patch. It happens frequently when I place it on the touchstone or during the night while charging on the touchstone. Last evening I placed it on the touchstone and about 1 hr later, it had frozen. When I picked it up, it was super hot!! Only way to reboot is pull the battery. I then charged ok last evening and this am when i activated the app launcher, it froze again.

    Anyway, I'm going to use the remove all by running EPR in preware and run the phone stock for awhile to see if the freezing goes away. then I'd like to selectively start add my patches and programs.

    My question: Is there anyway to get a print out or email everything installed so i can keep track of all my stuff as I start to trouble shoot and reload? or do i have to manually write all my installed apps/patches

    Also, if anyone else has this issue and any suggestion for the problem itself..
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    I did the save/restore, but won't that just install all the patches and apps in one push? I want to install selectively so i can pin point the app/patch with the issue. Anyway to get a print of installed apps? oh, and yep, thanks for the webos doctor pointer... was planning on doing that after I did the EPR...should I not do EPR and just go straight to webos doctor?
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    Yes! Also if you have a theme, remove it before you run EPR.
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