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    Hi. whenever i set the clock (auto or Manuel) after about 20 mins its out of sinc

    I dont know what do do because i use it for work?? any info would be legendary
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    If you are on O2 in the UK, Network Time will only sync if you turn the phone off/on, ie Aircraft mode etc.

    I use Clock Sync from the Palm App Catalog to sync the time via WiFi etc.
    I've got it set to sync every 6 hours, plus five time slots during the day. I leave Network Time turned off.

    PS Normally my Pre keeps really bad time if left to itself.
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    yes but all i want is to have the right time without downloading any applications, even when i set it to manual within an hour its 20 min behind, is there any palm members that can help me on this issue
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    without the clock app you're on your own. Its available from within the standard app catalogue. And its free if that hasnt been mentioned before.
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    i've been frustrated with the same issue. i like to keep my clock about 10 mins ahead and didn't have many problems until the last week or so. no matter what configuration of clock sync i did, the time would just get way off. i did a battery pull today so i don't know for sure if it helped yet but i haven't had any problems since.
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    The only times I've ever had problems with the time is if my battery has drained, ans when turned back on I have lost how ever much time it took me to charge it up... not once lost time on the fly like you are reporting.

    As suggest the quickest way to re-sync the time is turn 'Aeroplane Mode' on and then off again right away, this forces the network to get all the data it needs again.

    Apart from that I have heard good things about 'Clock Sync', never used it as not needed to.
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    Similarly I have never had any problems with the clock sync since the latest update (or the one before that I cant remember!)

    When I did have problems I used the free app 'Clock Sync' and it worked really well - although it's annoying having to get an app to do what the phone itself should do, it does work and will mean you can trust your clock again!
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