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    hay friends, I think I encountered a Wifi Hardware Problem
    I am at the Moment in the Philippines and bought a new SIM Card (Sun Cellular) cuz I am staying here for a year. Now when I came here everything worked fine but at sum point at the airport I connected the last time via wifi. Nothing is working anymore.
    I can turn on the wifi but it wont recognize a network. I thought maybe it just cannot scan for SSIDs so I typed in the network name and the password manually but it also didn't work.

    I am sure now that this is an hardware issue, what do you think and how can I work it out since I cannot send it back to Germany and get a replacement I have to repair it on my own!

    I appriciate your answers!
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    I'll ask them! Thank you, but do you think it'll also work when I am here in the philippines although I bought it in an o2-shop in Germany?

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