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    Hey guys, just wanted to announce that I have just brought home a Pre Plus on Verizon with a one year contract. The keyboard also works flawlessly and it is much peppier than I would have expected. Loving it so far!!!

    So first a little story. My sales rep at the store kept pushing me to android, but i relented and walked out with the Pre. But in doing so she made me feel awful for picking the pre and i REALLY had buyer's remorse walking out.. that is, until i began using the phone. I immediately fell in love with WebOS's Multitasking and notifications systems. The camera is snappy and the flash helps it to take great pictures. Synergy has saved me the $20 fee to have vzw sync my contacts and the messaging app is amazing. (Coming from a BB Storm lol)

    and second, a question or two.

    I bought a Rocketfish snap on case and i like it except for that it makes the slider a bit difficult to close. Should I take it off so it doesn't hurt the slider?

    Should I wait until my 30 days are up to install preware?

    is there a way to install Preware through mac OS X or do i have to boot into windows?

    Is it okay to leave the screen film on the phone until i get a screen protector?
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    preware now.

    check the GRT case, snaps to itself so there is no stress on the slider. Then get a 3800 battery so you can mess with it 7x24
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanshor View Post
    Should I wait until my 30 days are up to install preware?
    You need Preware for the phone to realise it's potential. There is nothing 'dodgy' about homebrew/Preware on webOS. Palm basically endorses it.
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    You made the right choice. Yes you can leave the factory protector on until you get a screen protector. I'd recommend getting a quality one like Zagg Invisible Sheild , Skinomi or Phantom Skinz, they are the best. As Cantaffordit said, look in to the GTR case. As for Preware, you might want to wait the 30 days, but you have the best phone, it's not going back. Lol
    To install preware go to

    Feel free to as questions along the way. Enjoy your Pre! WebOS and this community are the best.
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    You can home brew now the only thing u have to look out for is the uber kernal and govnah they are both kick but but over clocking can and will voide your warranty if they find it
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    hey thanks for all of the responses. I'm def gonna homebrew this thing tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    good choice on the pre! It's horrible to hear that the rep was being so hardcore in pushing droids that you actually felt bad about what you bought. Glad to hear you're loving it though.

    make sure that you read up as much as possible (and there is a lot of it) before jumping into the homebrewing. Not because it's risky --on the contrary, it's amazingly low risk, especially compared to other phones-- but because it will save you some time down the road if you have a question. Odds are, it's been answered on here.

    that said, don't be afraid to ask though if you do have a question. This forum is full of incredibly helpful and friendly people.

    Welcome to the world of webOS. Let us know if you need anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanshor View Post
    hey thanks for all of the responses. I'm def gonna homebrew this thing tomorrow. Can't wait!
    Good thread for getting your homebrew on.
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    Welcome Shansor! The reps would know how good a phone this is if they actually had one (i met one rep when I first bought it who had it w/Preware)

    Our growing community has almost 4000 apps now in the WebOS catalog!! (Blackberry is at 10,000, so we're catching up!!)

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    DEFINITELY: Homebrew!
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    Congrats on you're new Palm Pre+!!
    I had the same experience with Sprint. I betrayed my Pre and got an Evo, had the infamous random reboot issue, and I prompted to go back to my Pre, the rep's exacts word were, "You're going to have more problems with that phone", I responded with I have had the phone before, nothing but good times, so back with a new Pre.
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    Welcome aboard The first 4 months that I didn't Homebrew are 4 months I will NEVER get back Sure wish I clued in a little sooner, but pretty happy with my phone now.
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    Okay I wanted to do a Day 2 update:

    Pretty Much: Wow, this phone is awesome. everyone i show it to is instantly wow'd by the wave and gestures. EDIT: forgot to mention, the UI is absolutely stunning!

    I have installed preware and numerous patches, and my keyboard hasn't flubbed up yet so i'm pumped about that.

    And despite the threads i have seen on here, the Pre is very fast for me. coming from a storm, that would take about 30 seconds to even BEGIN loading a webpage because it had to request the data first, this thing is a screamer.

    also, games load quickly and run smoothly, as smooth as my 3rd gen ipod touch, which surprised me.

    I LOVE the look and feel of the phone. The polished riverstone look looks great.

    One big hardware qualm: My top and bottom halves groan when i pinch them together on the top right corner when it's closed. BUT i already ordered the chrome black GRT case, which you guys recommended, because i know i am keeping this thing lol

    I don't think I am gonna overclock it until my 30 days are up though, juuust in case lol. But are there any other patches you recommend i install?
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    Add date dd-MMM-yy
    Add Option to Send Link Message
    Add Space Between Snooze and Dismiss
    Advanced Configuration for App Launcher
    Audio/Video Attachments
    Auto Enable adn Disable GPS for Maps
    Battery Percent and Icon White Red and Teal
    Better Quicker Flicker
    Close on Hangup
    Close Slider to End Calls
    Create Birthday Events
    Custom Low Battery Notificaton Sounds
    Device Menu Megamix
    Enable Hidden Clock
    Facebook Chat Spoof
    Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
    Hide Music Player App(Using Music Player (Remix) v1.99-26 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    Match State to Area Code
    Multi Mod
    No Auto Off While Charging
    No Missed Call Callback
    PDF Redux
    Reduce Drag Radius 8px
    Reduce Font Size 12px
    Show Actual Battery %
    smiley faces in symbol box
    Swipe to Delete
    Video Camera Flashlight
    LED Torch

    Those are my patches that I currently have installed, they work for me

    ED: I forgot about Govnah and Uberkernel v1.4.5-92 set at 1GHz/500 screenstate....I can't say for certain about battery drain, it isn't the greatest, but I use my phone an awful lot, so I generally either have it plugged in most of the time, or have a car charger with me when I go out.
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    Battery life is the only complaint I have from this phone, you might want to buy a car charger or an extra battery of higher capacity... Other than that, the experience is unmatched
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    Loved your story. Unlike you, I didn't think for myself, but instead listened to the sales rep and got an Android, which I returned before my 30 days were up. I hope you continue to love your Pre Plus.
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    Congrats and I'm glad you stuck to your choice not the reps choice. I never thought I would be overclocking, doing patches etc. but the moment I started I was hooked. 63 patches later! There are so many of them that are useful for me. I read the messages here and find more and more I can use. One thing is watch the pre clock/alarm if you use it, it has a problem sometimes not working correctly. I love Timepiece. Wakes me up for work every day on time!

    You will love your GRT case. And I left my original film on until I put my skin on. One hint on the skin (I used Best Skins Ever) the trick to getting the corners to adhere great is once you do the screen and get the air bubbles out let the corners dry abit then put them down and put the phone corner into the palm of your hand to hold them down for a minute or two. I saw this on a how to apply a skin video. Perfect! Let dry completely and put your GRT case on!

    One thing you might want to look into is a Touchstone....I got addicted I have 5 now. One at work one in the car, two around home and a spare!

    Congrats on your new phone!

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    I would suggest trying out Touchstone chargers (they are really inexpensive now) , I have one at home and also one in my car and with the Mugen 1400 battery (works with the Touchstone back cover) I have never needed a large battery. Also read this about tips on battery life:

    Here is a thead on the most popular patches:

    Enjoy your new Pre, mine is almost 16 months old and is still going strong. It is patched and over clocked and all that I have ever used was a Invisibleshield screen protector, no case.

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