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    Ahhhh yes, there's so many cool things we wish we could have on our AT&T Pre's and Pixi's. MobiTV, AT&T Music, AT&T Video, Cingular Video, FloTV, AT&T App Store, Video Share, the list goes on for miles it seems. What's even worse, it becomes difficult to fend off depression when we visit our neighborhood AT&T Retail store and slide open a Blackberry Torch, or tap on the screen of a Fruitphone and see icons for all those AT&T MediaNet apps we all crave staring up at us with their s^*t eating grins as if to say "see what you're missing, if you only didn't like that HP WebOS stuff you're holding in your hand so much, you could be playing with us instead!"

    Until now we've had to suffer and do without simply because there was no way (or no easy way) to configure Web proxy's for use inside the devices we love so dearly. Although some MediaNet applications make use of an application for their services, many, if not most are simple browser links configured to route traffic through DNS a particular Web Proxy. GenTarkin has come up with a way to configure and set up DNS Web Proxy's on a Pixi. There's a yet to be confirmed report his method works on the Pre too.

    In that same thread lies the beginnings of a discussion about enabling /etc/network/if-up and /etc/network/if-down scripts in WebOS so they function normally (like they do in Linux).

    Lastly, to make it all work, you need to know the different MediaNet DNS proxy IP addresses, so you can decide which one(s) you want to use with location being the primary consideration. There's a publicly available document on the AT&T Developer website that among other things, includes a list of of the DNS WebProxy IP's currently in use for MediaNet access. Additionally, in February of this year, AT&T revised this document adding information explaining to developers that MediaNet servers began allowing browsers identified as WebOS, and/or Mozilla based access to MediaNet services. The problem is, either nothing's been done on that front since then, or if it has, it's not been released yet. That means we're left to fend for ourselves. Doesn't matter much anyways since most MediaNet services are not really applications. If you hit the right proxy and use the right port you should be ok. At least we know the AT&T MediaNet network proxy's won't reject our WebOS browsers when we get the setting right.

    I'll try to locate this document later this weekend and edit this OP to add the link here.

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    hey everyone I was wondering if there's a way to get media net app on my pre
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