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    Not to get off topic, but did you guys know you chat with Palm with from your phone?...Hold down the power button and push the little "I" to the right of airplne mode. Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up and you'll see "chat with Palm".
    Good find!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    Good find!
    I read it here a while ago.
    If you want to buy a Palm Pre is great condition. Here's your chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhatx View Post
    I'm not even trying to change it per contact though, just trying to change it for all messages in general. All it will do is the standard little sound the phone does for everything
    I think this is only for call ringtones, but...

    1) Open launcher
    2) Swipe to the 3rd (last page)
    3) Open Sounds & Ringtones
    4) Under ringer switch on, click on RINGTONE
    5) There are a number of different ringtones available. You can listen to them by selecting the arrow button to the right of the description
    6) Select the one you want

    If you swipe down from the upper left once in Sounds & Ringtones, go to help, it also has directions for selecting songs for a ringtone or downloading a ringtone. BUT, if you are looking for a sound for e-mails, I don't know if that's available.

    Also, near the top of PreCentral is a link of TIPS. One is for setting ringtones.

    Welcome to the Pre.
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    I got the update and can now change the messaging ringtones and such, and there are way more apps which is tight.. But i still have the issue with saving pictures off the web. It says successful nut is not in the album!!
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