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    anyone else see Phil's tweet? He's doing a presentation tomorrow about gadgets and the future...WebOSdev re-tweeted his tweet. Maybe there will be an announcement? I hope someone from precentral is there so we find out what he says.
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    At the Maker Faire? No way an announcement gets made.
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    Trust me...If he makes a single mention of webos tomorrow, then you'll hear about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    At the Maker Faire? No way an announcement gets made.
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    #1. Not the place to make announcements.
    #2. "Can you predict what the future will look like? Hacking the future requires the ability to unleash your personal creativity in order to dream, to visualize and to connect the impossible with the possible. In this session, Phil McKinney will hack the future by connecting current events with emerging trends to make some bold predictions. This session is a futurist's view of the world that will surprise and alarm you." =/= product announcement
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    Oh no!!! He is going to talk about flexible displays again. Stop it......
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    You got it.
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    ugh...I'm just anxious for an announcement
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    watch him anounce something lol that would be funny !!
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    yeah...hes gonna announce a whole bunch of nothing concerning webos.
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    He may mention things about cloud-based systems, but that's it.

    Of course, that will get extrapolated on P|C's front page to mean that all the recent HP acquisitions mean a new phone will be announced sometime in the future.
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    Hey give 'em a break, they gotta keep updates flowin' somehow. ;-)
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    yeah, there's like, 1-3 posts a day on the main page
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    cmon new hardware

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