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    Can anyone recommend a good app for me to link my MS Office to my Pre.
    I want to be able to sync my outlook, calendar, contacts and memo, notes.

    Not a big google calendar guy

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    I use Pocket Mirror. It works well for me.
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    pocket mirror
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    Companion Link syncs well and does it by USB cable. They are also frequently updating it unlike Chapura & Pocket Mirror.
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    I use the google calendar sync app for windows. It syncs your outlook calendar with your google calendar (which is replicated to your pre). I know it uses google calendar but really you never have to interact with google and it works bi-directional as long as you leave the app running on your computer you can add events on the compter or the phone and within minutes they're replicated to the opposite device.
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but I have my outlook sync'd with my native contacts, calendar, tasks, and email... No need for a 3rd party solution there. The only thing that doesn't integrate seemlessly would be notes/memos.
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    Forgive me.. I read MS Office as MS Outlook.. Ignore previous post.
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    The thread title states "MS Office app for Pre", shouldn't it state 'MS Outlook app for Pre'?
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    I am a bit confused here. You want to be able to sync Outlook, calendar, contacts, memos, and notes? You say you want an app that syncs with Office though? I think you are either confused or need to rephrase the question. Your calendars and contacts should sync with your phone as is, no apps required. For things like memos and notes, check out programs such as Pocket Mirror or The Missing Sync.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I meant I would like to be able to sync my Outlook calendar, contacts, and notes, etc.
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    Thanks I should have stated MS Outlook app for Pre.
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    Thanks you were correct, I should have sated app for MS Outlook.

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