So, my Pre was running fine. I had a bunch of apps and patches and such that worked. I was running Uber/Govnah at fixed 800Mhz, and was using Quick System Tasks to turn data and wireless functions on and off. My battery life was PRETTY good. Moderate to heavy use could take me from about 7:30am to about 11pm or later without charging. Longer with the occasional boost off the car charger or plug in at home.

But, I have this fixation. I love the idea of adding data, gps, and roam only on/off toggles to the upper right drop down menu (same list as battery %, and WiFi, BlueTooth and Airplane mode). It's a simple, elegant solution to managing those functions. So, every so many months or so, I try adding them again, thinking "this time will be different".

The problem? Adding them drains the HECK out of my battery. Why an on/off function, especially one that is basically redundant to a function hidden elsewhere in the device, would cause exponential battery drain, is waaaayyyy beyond me. But, it does (THEY do).

This time, I had everything from steadily declining battery life, to severe system slow downs and lockups. I tried removing those patches, but no luck. Battery life was still terrible, and slow downs were still prevalent. It got to the point where I Doctored my phone.

Now, the big question... I use Prebackup and my last backup file was created AFTER I removed the toggle patches. Do I restore that file, or is there too much chance that the corruption caused by the patches will just come right back?