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    The screen on my pre broke today. Well thank god I had a back up but I activated my other pre before I got the files off I wanted off of the broken pre. is there any way I can get the files off the broken pre without logging into my palm profile on it?
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    Do you mean you want to access the usb drive? Connect the pre via usb cable to you're pc and press orange key + sym + u
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    That's correct. Is there a way to access the USB drive without going through the activation process? I had my OLD phone connected, and was activating the new one. Somehow in the process the old one (Which was in airplane mode) figured out it wasn't being used any more, and asked to restart. Before I could get it to go into USB mode it restarted, and sent me back to the activation screen. opt+sym+U didn't work. I had hoped that going to device settings would too, but it didn't. I don't know any more of the ## keycodes to get to stuff and was hoping there was one.
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    If your phone is in factory reset mode, i.e. no profile..I'm betting it did a wipe and your locally stored data is gone. This is a bit mystifying. I just went through a phone exchange and had no problems. The new phone activated. The old phone was still accessible and I got everything off of it before I did a reset.
    Well the first responder probably offered the answer in case the data really is still there. Apparently there is a bypass method. And I see this is an old thread so the OP probably is long done with the problem .
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