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    hi I was wondering how to save my preware patches if I need to restore my phone. I have save and restore app and backed up everything so if I had to restore I would jst add preware back then save and restore and then restore my backup is this right?
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    use the 'saved paxkage list' in preware
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    You have the right idea, but there's a Saved Packages option in the Preware dropdown menu, hit that and hit Update(DON'T HIT INSTALL), then do Save/Restore and it'll be backed up. If you doctor your Pre, just reinstall Preware and Save/Restore and hit restore Preware and then go into Preware and hit Install and everything will be back.

    if you get a new phone same steps, except you'll need to make sure you have a copy of that Save/Restore file on your computer or something.
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    Cool thanks I think I got it now

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