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    Once upon a time the browser would auto-refresh almost whenever I went away from a card and came back, I installed the No refresh in Browser Patch ( ), which, as indicated by the most recent posts in that thread, does not seem to be wholly working.

    I've had that page installed through a bunch of OTA updates (properly uninstalling and re-installing prior to AUPT and then, not so much after the advent of AUPT, of course).

    I don't see the auto-refresh anymore, but I *have* been seeing another phenomenon since at least, and I think from before that, even.

    Currently, sometimes, when I go away from a web browser card and then return to it, and sometimes even as I'm interacting with browser card, the page viewed in that card goes completely blank/white. Sometimes, zooming in or out within the browser card brings the page back, but most of the time, it doesn't.

    Most of the time, refreshing the page will bring it back, but sometimes, even doing that, only the part of the page that fits within the card comes back. When that happens, it's as if there is nothing below the bottom edge of the card, even though I know there is; I can't scroll down, I can't resize to show more...even when I change orientation, sometimes that cut-off remains where it was, sometimes the rest of the page becomes available.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Does anyone know what it might be?
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    usually I find that is a browser card from a redirection that wasn't closed. sometimes something doesn't load in the background, too. When that happens, it generally wont reload either.

    When it cuts off, that's a bug. If you tip your phone 90 degrees to change the orientation, it solves that. then you can put it back and continue. I have that problem on more than any other site, for some strange reason...
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    Well, the going white bit for me is definitely more than just redirects. I'm pretty sure I've seen examples of actually being in an active card on a page that has fully loaded, try to scroll it, and whammo. While that doesn't preclude that something in that page was trying to reload through some redirect, there're also examples of pages that are definitely static, I go away to a different card, then come back, and there's the whiteness.

    The cutting-off bit...changing orientations doesn't always fix mine...sometimes I have to change orientations a couple of times, sometimes on top of that, I have to try to zoom in/out, and sometimes none of those things work, and I have to resort to refreshing the page...which I've also seen not work.

    Stoopid bugs...
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    does this happen on web pages you have bookmarked? if so i have found clearing all the cookies and browsing history, and refreshing the cookies cures this
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    As jack said, clearing the cache then reloading the page (even without closing does help sometimes).

    Also to the redirecting (at least in my experience), I think can't afford it wasn't talking about the active card redirecting, but that the page was opened from another link. Because I have seen that, where a link opens a new card (the original web card doesn't ever go blank), but the redirected cards (as in they were redirected from the original card), may go blank for a moment (or longer) while they refresh. I chalk this up to the OS and multitasking being able to do more than the OS can handle.
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    I know exactly how you feel. I experience the same problems every single day. I really do hope Palm fixes this in v2.0. I'll tweet some Palm people to bring attention to this thread to see if they've experienced this. HEY! Maybe we can get ski mask guy to petition to get this fixed!
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    FWIW, I usually solve this by rotating the phone into landscape and the portrait (or vice versa). Hopefully this one has been ironed out for 2.0.

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