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"Not fair"...i hear this all the time.

people. there are not "rules" in the smartphone race as to how u get marketshare. you pick a business strategy, and you go with it. If you choose one OS on 1 device....or multiple versions on multiple devices.....so what? its a business plan. Releasing multiple devices isnt "cheating"....Apple couldve just as easily released 10 different versions on the iphone, released it to HTC and all the other makers and maybe had the same affect as android.
the point is, that they didnt. so when you say android has an "unfair advantage", that isnt necessarily true.
Not unfair advantage, unfair comparison. Better said, improper comparison. There's a major difference. If you want a true comparison, you should compare device to device, such as iPhone to Droid 2 for example. I'm not speaking of business plans, just the scientific part of this comparison. Are you honestly surprised that Android is powering more total handhelds than iOS? There are hundreds of Android handsets, from high-end multimedia phones, to cheap Chinese knockoffs, to tablets, you name it. iOs only powers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Anyone can make a device and slap Android on it.