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    so my pre decided to basically **** on me n the sound not work anymore. no idea how. it was working at lunch n than while i was on phone with my sister i heard this faint crack sound every so often than upon getting to the office i tried playing my accuradio as i work and no sound... i was texting with a friend no incoming text sound went to ringtones and tried to play it no sound. what can i do?
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    does it work with a headset?
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    havn't tried it with head set yet... one sec to confirm
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    thats a no
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    May need to take it to a repair facility....
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    if you are on verizon, call their support center. if you are on sprint, do what you normally do when you have a hardware problem.
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    Sounds like good old stuck in headset mode. Try plugging in a headset and see if the sound is fine in the headset. When you unplug the headset, your sound might come back. If it doesn't, try plugging and unplugging the headset a couple more times. If it still doesn't work, try compressed air in the jack, and maybe the shaved Q-tip trick. If all that fails, take it to Sprint or Verizon (whichever you have) and they can usually clear this in a minute (they have a lot of practice with this issue).

    I have this problem about once a week. I've gotten pretty good at clearing it, but I have had to take it to Sprint once too.
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    the OP said that it isn't even working in headset mode
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    I don't know if you have tried this yet but power off and remove battery for 1 minute then replace, power on and try again
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    I used wd-40 and rca jack in & out repeted ly for about a minute so far so good .............that is in the headphone jack

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