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    In the last month or so my Verizon Pre Plus has developed an issue where it will go into a continuous high battery drain mode. The battery percent will drop rapidly, and the phone is continually hot. Shutdowns/battery pull reboots do not solve the problem. At night, leaving the phone on the Touchstone all night will usually only get it to about 65% charged, and then the charging stops presumably due to thermal limiting (the phone gets REALLY hot on the Touchstone).

    I've swapped the battery for a different one with no different results. I had this problem before and after the WebOS 1.4.5 update. At one point while I thought I had eliminated the problem I installed uberKernal and overclocked the phone, but this problem occurred both before and after that, and turning off overclocking or uninstalling uberKernal makes no difference.

    I did the Emergency Patch Remover to uninstall all my patches, and then manually reinstalled them one by one, and the problem went away. However, a few days later I installed a few programs (Sports Live!, Sports Calendar, and Internalz) and now the problem is back.

    I would suspect a hardware problem, but feel like the fact that the Emergency Patch Remover (temporarily for several days) eliminated the problem through several reboots indicates this is a software problem. Presumably there is some rogue process/patch continually running preventing the phone from sleeping and eats the battery.

    Is there any way for me to diagnose this problem? The only next step I can think of is a complete wipe / reinstall of the phone, but before I make that drastic step, I wonder if someone has an idea on figuring this out?
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    delete all your social media accounts, then turn off all your radios. every few hours turn one back on and monitor change.

    then add your social media apps/accounts back in one at a time...

    also get jstop to see what is running on your phone in the background (but don't leave jstop running)
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    You don't need any diognose at this time. It's quite obvious that there is something wrong with the phone performance. Run a webos doctor on the device and see if that could fix the problem.

    The next step if webos doctor doesn't fix the problem ~ is to return the phone for repairs, or exchange.
    Cheers. ~
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    in my opinion doctoring is the last choice, not the first. try non-disctructive testing before wiping it out. that's good troubleshooting practice.
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    However, a few days later I installed a few programs (Sports Live!, Sports Calendar, and Internalz) and now the problem is back.
    I'd say its one of those. Check any settings for the two sports ones to see when they are updating. They maybe be constantly trying to update. I only have SC and Internalz; I dont think SC has an auto updating option.
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    Webos doctor was created for problems which limits the phone overall performance. Seven out of ten times problems that is known as the unknowns ~ are usually fix by running a doctor on the device. Usually, I would recommend webos doctor as a last resort... But how do you fix the unknown in cases like these. :O

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