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    Those of use who came over from the WinMob side of smart phones may remember a little software application called QuickGPS. See this for a quick reference:
    also: gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology - Mobile terms glossary -

    Essentially it is software that allows the built-in GPS to get an accurate fix much, much quicker. I have it on my old VZW HTC smartphone and it gets a GPS lock very quickly. The software originally came from Qualcomm. It does NOT rely on aGPS. So, you see, if Palm was not so concerned about stepping on carriers alternate revenue streams (Paid Nav/aGPS) they could have licensed this software. Of course, being the little guy that they were before HP bought them, they were never going to do anything that threatened carrier relations. Maybe HP could step and give us VZW Pre+ users a hand?
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    if you visit the palm app catalog you will find GPSfix to provide the same capabilities. no one is arguing that VZW could fix this if they wanted to...
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    I don't believe that the GPSfix software does the same thing as QuickGPS. We have to wait for the developer to confirm however. I have GPSfix installed and it does not get a quick fix like QuickGPS does on my HTC as it only attempts to use the aGPS data that VZ Nav downloads and it also tries to keep the GPS chip in the Pre from falling asleep. Neither function is the same as QuickGPS. Remember, QuickGPS does not need any access to aGPS servers.
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    send a PM to the guy that developed GPSfix, and he can answer that.
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    I usually don't participate in speculation threads but.....

    I do agree that Palm knows how to fix the GPS issue by freeing it from relying on VZW's aGPS. I do agree that the reason this has not been done is because Palm could not afford to alienate VZW, or for that matter, any carrier that sells their phones. Now HP/Palm, things may be different.

    I too am under the impression that GPS-fix does not work by making gps a stand alone. There is also no weekly download of data to assist finding satellites. So it is not the same as QuickGPS.

    I happen to think that VZW hobbles their Palm phones not on the phone end, but on the server side. Remember aGPS requires phones checking into the VZW system to function. A simple lockdown by VZW can be simply denying aGPS information or, worse, giving gibberish aGPS info. If so, this explains why the problem has been so hard to address despite all the talented developers here. You guys have been thinking the issue residing in the handsets, and we pray with each webOS update for a fix when there is really nothing wrong with the webOS. Pure conjecture, I know.
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    I think you are right. I just performed ebag333's procedure here, and it seems that all Pres come configured to only support aGPS even though the GPS chipset is capable of several other mechanisms to acquire a location fix including standalone mode and using ephemeris data not supplied from the carrier, which is how I believe QuickGPS works.
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    I wish Palm would add support for external BT GPS. Even ancient WinMO phones had this (both ones that had built-in GPS's and ones that didn't). I have a matchbox sized BT GPS that gets a quick accurate fix w/o any aGPS; its accuracy was consistently better than any Qualcomm aGPS accuracy. At least this would give me the OPTION to use accurate GPS on a crippled phone w/3rd party applications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    send a PM to the guy that developed GPSfix, and he can answer that.
    Hmm, I didn't get a PM.


    But to the OP, this is a bit beyond me. I'm not really a GPS expert, just a guy that can try things and debug pretty quickly. I would not know where to begin incorporating this.

    My guess is that this needs to be baked into the OS in order for apps to be able to use it. Interesting that the article mentions it's in the Treo, so why would Palm not use it in the Pre/Pixi?
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    Any one else having a problem with this App? It worked well at first then I noticed it was not working so I'd open it and turn it off then open it and enable it again and that would get it going.

    But now it has not worked for a couple weeks, no matter how many times I start and stop it, open VZ Naz, then decline, etc., etc., as I run my battery down.

    Any help out there?

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