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    Here is my setup:

    Palm Pre Plus and a Motorola T605 Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit. The T605 automatically connects the phone when I turn the car on, and I have it stream through the car stereo for playing music from my phone as well. The speakerphone works all by itself without the radio being on because it has a dedicated speaker and microphone. To listen to music from the phone I tune the radio to the CD changer on disc 5, track 2, which it does through the auxiliary input through a Dice iPod interface.

    Here's what is cool about my setup:

    I can be playing Pandora, listening to a Palmcast, listening to Radiotime or streaming anything from my phone. At the same time, I can have Trapster running, which cut in and alert me when I am approaching a trap or red light camera. At the same time, I can be running Navit, which gives me turn by turn directions by voice, in a British accent. When I get a phone call, it pauses my music and I can take my phone call over speakerphone. During the call, I still get cues from Trapster and Navit over the car speakers. When the call ends, the music resumes.

    Here's the problem:

    If I want to listen to anything other than music streaming from my phone and still get my turn by turn directions and Trapster alerts, I have to turn bluetooth completely off. Problem with that of course is that I will not be able to take phone calls over speakerphone. The reason for this is that if I am listening to a CD or iPod or radio or even have the radio off, all voice prompts from my phone for Navit and Trapster still play through the T605. But if I am not tuned in to the T605, (CD Changer Disc 5, Track 2) I will not hear any of those prompts.

    Here is what would fix it:

    If there is a way to disable the A2DP capabilities of the phone and still leave the Headset/Handsfree bluetooth profiles running, I would be able to hear all Navit and Trapster prompts over the phone speaker. And I would still be able to take my phone calls.


    I know nothing about writing code, programs or patches. Does anyone know if i would be possible to independently control which bluetooth profiles are active on the phone?
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