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    How functional is the Pre over Wifi Only without being connected to Sprint?

    My question is .. My wife is switching from Pre to and Samsung EPIC.

    Her Pre is still in decent condition. Will it still be bale to browse the web, download Amazon MP3's and Apps from the App store on the phone over WiFi?

    Will it function much like an iPod touch? We have access to Wifi at both of Our employers' and @ home.

    Is the Pre dependent on being activated with Sprint in order to use web functions.
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    Ok I'm confused.

    I think for the wi-fi to work you have to have it activated but I could be wrong on that. I know that I use my wi-fi at home on occasion and it works as fast as my old (over 6 years) laptop but not as fast as my Netbook.

    I think the music MP3 type thing works without it being activated. Calls can be made to 911 whenever the phone is not activated. So apps may work and some may not without it being activated.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
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    you would configure it the way the developers do , and be able to do anything but txt or voice.

    Check out the Meta-doctor as one option.
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    1. Meta-Doctor is your best bet if you want to bypass carrier activation and then you can do pretty much everything except making call, texts or using carrier specific apps. Using other apps and access to app catalog should be fine.

    Search for meta-doctor in this forum if need more info

    2. Your other option is access it as developer phone, but no voice, data or app catalog access, as far as I know.You'll be able to use it on wi-fi and as a music player, etc.

    Details of method 2:
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    I mainly wanted to know if the Pre would still connect to Web/E-mail with Wifi after being deactivated from Sprint. My wife just activated the EPIC.

    Well I confirmed tonight IT does work... on Wifi it will connect to Web And Gmail..

    It functions much like iPod Touch ( not as many apps..) my next test will to see if I can send SMS from Google web..

    I can still download apps from App catalog, and browse the web..Gmail works too, Pandora works.. As does Dr. podder.

    So now I have a fully functional Pre minus the Phone features
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    You can send SMS from Google Voice, and you might even be able to try Sprint's web SMS texter. I used that when my Pre broke. Google voice is nice too though.
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    I hope it continues to work.

    When I left AT&T I thought I'd be able to use my Treo 650 with bluetooth GPS and the TomTom software (plus other GPS software) but from the day cell service was turned off it never acted the same. Super slow to launch the programs, non-responsive in turn by turn directions, it was so painful I gave up. at least the bluetooth GPS will talk to my laptops so the only waste is the TomTom part of the purchase (not insignificant!)

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