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    Love it so far!! Have not had time to really explore and play with it yet.

    What's the first thing I should do? The sprint store set it up for me yesterday. I have no idea what clocking is and all the other changes I have been reading about on the forums here. I have not downloaded any app to the phone yet.

    Thanks for the help everyone..
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    install preware is the first thing to do then govnah and uber-kernel. Then you're off to the races!
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    I say do one of everything!
    Leave out the "clocking", sounds like something you'd be arrested for.
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    overclock, the get the launcher megamix
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I'm going to be the voice of caution here, especially for a new pre user who sounds like they're new to the whole overclocking scene.

    Using UberKernel and Govnah are relatively safe but it's possible that it will reduce the lifespan of the Pre's CPU. The faster you push it past specs, the lower the rated lifespan becomes.

    Widespread overclocking is still pretty new-ish to the pre and nobody really knows what the actual long term effects on the stablity and lifespan of the phone will be.

    Not trying to totally scare you off but you should be aware that you will be voiding your warranty by overclocking. If you want to do it, it's relatively safe and stable...but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the potential risks.
  6. #6, read, READ!

    About WebOS Doctor, WebOS Quick Install, then PreWare, and then you should be set.
    THEN, and only then, you can look into UberKernal, and Govnah.

    Experience the Palm Pre like it is before trying to overdo the phone. This will help you learn what you would really like to do with the phone and what current capabilities it might be missing. Then add patches to fix that restriction.

    Otherwise you end up putting a bunch of crap on the phone you might not need, or not know how it works in relation to other things on the phone. More research you do, the less trips to the good old doctor you will make. And Themes...stay away unless you have read as this is the only thing I have noticed to give my Pre problems.

    Good Luck and welcome!

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    Since you have the Pre and not the Pre Plus, I would advise installing govnah and uber-kernel to eliminate the "Too Many Cards" error. To do that and load Patches you will need Preware. Don't forget to install Apps, they can be loaded through Preware or the App Catalog. Here are some links that may help:
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    Welcome, first set up Web Quick Install (sometimes initials used WOSQI). If you have problems (depending upon your computer system) setting up some of the initial programs required, research, there are stickies and Wikis that will walk you through how to set up. Not complicated, just read and follow steps. This will open into all kinds of possibilities.
    Tweaks allow you to customize your phone - wonderful things to make it easier for you to use.
    Preware - put this on your phone, you can access everything as you learn to use it.
    Applications, all kinds of them, you can read them on your computer or on phone.
    Web Doctor is for fixing your phone if you do something that causes a freeze, know this
    and hopefully you won't need it, but the good thing is you really can't break your phone,
    this will just reset and start over.
    Uber Kernel and Govnah will speed up your phone.

    And always use search above when signed in. Many of the questions you have are answered there, much easier and faster than posting a help question and waiting for someone to respond. Do ask if needed, but search can be much faster and get it done.
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    Welcome to PreCentral and the world of WebOS. There is good info here:
    There are plenty of helpful people here if you have any questions or need assistance.

    Enjoy you new Pre.
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    As a 1st time user, I encourage you to read. Quick Start Guides before you start installing patches.

    Get use to the core device and how it functions. How to take it in and out of USB mode, how to install basic apps.

    Then look at all your settings.

    Once your familiar with core functionality and have read up on the WebOS quick install quick start guides then read up on Preware and test of a couple of basic patches.

    Pre is running linux under the hood, it won't break.. it is recoverable, and best of all it is customizable.

    As other have said Read and ask questions.

    Use the search function in the forums. It will save you time.
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    reading first is good advice, but the overclocking stuff shouldn't scare you once you are ready to try it. there hasn't been a single case of anyone damaging their Pre, and not a single case of a warranty being voided because of overclocking.

    That's one of the nice things about webOS. Palm created the webOS Doctor so you can wipe the phone clean ans start with a factory-fresh phone any time you want to.

    Also, you might as well order the 3800mAh battery and pay Steve to put touchstone parts in it, because you once you start messing with patches, you won't put it down. New users see extra bad battery life because they don't realize how much time they spend surfing, downloading, patching, and generally hanging out at PreCentral.

    Ps, the search function on these forums is pretty bad because of all the "cute" thread titles that don't say anything about the thread topic. You may find that you can actually find more with google by adding precentral to your search terms.

    Also, open each of the major precentral forum categories and read the "sticky" threads at the top. there are generally one or two that are essential in each topic, and will help you get a good start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    welcome to your new addiction. you won't make eye contact with your significant other for months, so you might as well warn them now.
    Crap...I just remembered I'm married...with 2 kids...

    So true...
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    ps, another reason why you want to stare with UberKernel/Govnah is that the Sprint Pre can frustrate you with the infamous "too many cards" error. I am not on Sprint, but users generally report that is solved by UK/G, since Palm/Sprint didn't manage to solve it over the 18 months they should have been working on it. You can find several threads around here about the impact of UK+G on "too many cards" and "TMC" if you start getting that error.
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    Hiya spknpro1962.. Newbie here too. You're not alone. My 4th day (Pre+ /VzW).

    After giving it a few days "virgin", I installed WebOS QuickInstall (WOSQI) & PreWare, (yesterday). Wow; still picking blown bits of my brain off the wall behind my desk. It really does open up alot of possibilities, and I'm only just now sticking my toe into it.

    I'm waiting a bit longer to overclock on the premise that it might void a 30 day return policy. Not sure if that's an issue for you, but something to think about.

    Best of luck with the new gadget!

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    knowing what i know now, do not hesitate to put preware on your phone. you will not regret it.... overclock it as well
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    Thanks for your feedback. I am just starting to play around with my pre.
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    Please read,read,and reread. You don't need to wait the 15months I did, but get educated 1st. And welcome to the best phone os on the market, enjoy!
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    yeah, just read as much as you can about things on here, and get to know you're phone in general for a while. I'd say to wait a week or so before overclocking, just so you'll really notice the difference. I mean, there's no way you could miss it, but after you're used to the phone stock, and then do it, you may just wet your pants.

    if you have any questions, search first, then ask here. This is the best online community I have ever come across, honestly.

    welcome to the land of webOS!
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    Hello once I have installed preware, do I leave the phone in developer mode all the time?
    Should I turn developer mode off after installing preware?

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    I turned developer mode off and Preware still worked for me.

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