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    Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure about the patch or not, I saw references to a patch but they talked about an old version of WebOS so I didn't know if that still worked. I'll keep reading up some and maybe try to hunt down a picture or vid to see how it looks with the patch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    i didnt see the show, so i have no clue.. but 21 a rather large font size....
    look a few posts back and you will see the screen shots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtone View Post
    That's definitely TV magic..txts are no where near that big (i wouldn't want it that big anyway). There is no way to edit txt size either.
    That just for TV drama puporses.
    Most visuals of things with screens (phones, tvs, puters, etc) on television and movies is done with special effects and if you look at the actual footage all you will see is a device with a blank screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    before telling people you cant do something, you should do your research...

    there is a patch that allows you to change your text messaging font size...
    I know there are patches available to do that, (and almost everything else) but I'm talking about a stock Pre.
    Unless stated otherwise a stock Pre is what we're talking about.
    I dont assume people are into using Preware and so on.
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    didn't see anyone else mention this one.

    The new CBS lawyer show, "The Defenders", Jerry O'Connell uses a Pre. First shows the mirror on back while he's talking and another 2 spots show it full on frontal
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    Sprint branded btw...
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    That's one misleading thread title! Might wanna change that...
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    <threads merged>
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    sorry, I searched for "sighting" and "spotting". Didn't see this one.
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