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    I got my VZW Pre+ a few days ago and so far am pretty impressed. I am coming from a BB Tour and really appreciate what the Pre can do. That said, I am seriously missing that the phone will not recognize a phone number in a text message or email and dial directly from the text. Is there a patch for this I've missed somewhere? I tried searching through the forums but to no avail. Thanks! I'm sure I'll have more questions.
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    I am able to do that if it is formatted as a ten digit number. Where are y located?
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    I went from Treo 680 to a Pre Plus and miss that bit of functionality, too.
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    Ok, I see what you mean now. It's interesting though. From another phone, it doesn't matter if the digits are together or separated by a dash. In the text app it does show up as a phone number either way and can be dialed from the text.

    In the email app, if there are dashes separating the numbers, it doesn't recognize it as a phone number and if you tap it, it does nothing. Interesting. The BB didn't care if there were dashes or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSFA View Post
    The BB didn't care if there were dashes or not.
    yes, and it gets incredibly annoying when you are receiving emails and texts with numbers that come across as hyperlinks. Such as measurements and dollar amounts.

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