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    I wasn't able to find an answer by searching. I have Geostrings (and think it is a great idea). As I see in many discussions, the Pre's GPS accuracy is often not good...and I live in an area with spotty cell reception, and have Verizon as my carrier. Would subscribing to VZ Navigator (at $9.99/mo, which I am willing to pay) improve the GPS data available to Geostrings? Thanks.
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    have you tried the gps fix for verizon by spdsktr
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    I have not tried GPS Fix, because in the description notes it says, "NOTE: This app does not solve GPS Accuracy Issues!"
    If there is a chance it will help Geostrings work better, I'll give it a try.
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    Also if you haven't already, make sure you follow the GPS troubleshooting guide I include in the app's "FAQ" found on the help screen. If you have inherent GPS issues, it may not fix them; however it has helped some other people who have contacted me. Also like Mamouton mentioned, I'd give the GPS Fix app a try.

    Or you could just send me $8.99 a month ($1 cheaper than Navigator) and I'll enable the magic "FIX GPS" option in GeoStrings for you. (just kidding...)

    But seriously, if you have any other questions about GeoStrings, you can visit the Hedami developer forum.
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