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    so here's a unique 'feature' ....

    I have one (and only one it seems) frequent email recipient for whom I cannot read the text in his email on my Pre.

    Or, more specifically, I cannot read the *substantive* part of his email. He happens to work for a brokerage firm that automatically attaches a massive disclaimer to its emails about all the things its customers can't rely on email for (and also includes the standard 'if you've received this email in error' message).

    So, when I get his replies to my Pre email, the phone totally omits his actual response and I only get the massive disclaimer. These emails render just fine in gmail on full computer and browser, and I don't seem to have this problem with anyone else.

    Running 1.4.5 on AT&T, with no email patches running except for the 'Delete from Notification' patch, which is the most critical patch ever.

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    Hard to really figure out what is causing the issue. Would it be possible for me to get a test email from this user so that I can try to replicate the issue on my end?
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    Is he sending you a forward? The only time I've seen this happen is when I am forwarding myself a forwarded message with an attachment from a particular person - then whatever I type in the e-mail (on my Pre) disappears when the e-mail from myself appears on my Pre. (I have to forward myself the attachments because for some reason the attachments from this person never show up on my Pre - no paperclip icon in the Inbox and no attachment to click on to download in the message view, yet I get both those when using my Web-based e-mail for the same acc't/same messages.) Attachments from others work fine. My messages at the top of other forwarded messages show up fine, too.

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    thanks for the replies. It seems to happen in forwards or reply-alls. A standard reply-just-to-me from him works fine. Fun!

    While it would be nice to solve, it's not killing me. Yet.

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