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    Hello, I am an Italian person and I greet you all. I am in my first post on this fantastic forum. I will be following infinite time. It 's the best for the Palm world. A few days are a holder of a palm gsm new pre purchased from a French qwerty keyboard. The phone is unlocked and recording to the 3G operator TIM mode. I can call and receive, but can not create the profile palm. Arrival until the question and answer to retrieve my password (so there is data exchange), but then I get "profile creation failed - contact palm.
    I've read that this is not a new situation, but I did not understand how to solve the problem.
    Sorry for the uncertain English.
    Awaiting your response I offer you my greetings.
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    My guess is that your phone is not connecting to the TIM data network. Does your phone account have a data plan? If you do it may be that you need to update the APN information in the phone. If you cannot do that before creating a profile then you will need to activate via Wifi - you can do that by going here and following the instructions Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internals

    BEWARE: you probably DO NOT want to activate the phone for the first time in Italy as that will block you from getting access to the applications catalog. You need to activate in one of the supported countries to get access to the catalog. There is no way to change this after you activate it. You might consider a quick trip to Germany, France, Spain, the UK or the USA and activate there. Or send it to a friend and have them do it.
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    USA is your only viable option, as Italy is not one of the accepted creditcard payment countries, and by activating in the US, one can pay using a Simon Malls - Shopping Malls, Mall Stores, Gift Cards gift account.
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    Hello and thanks for the replies. I wanted to do an update. I turned off the phone for a day and has lost the power ilo phone language setting. Repeating the installation from the beginning I was able to create your profile now. I think when you first turn the phone had been snookered. Now my only problem is that the site www.palm/rom my serial is not recognized. To someone else is such a thing never happened?

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