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    Why are you not just sliding your keyboard open before you put it on the TS? I do this out of habit 1 for cooling and 2 for typing. Getting the wife in the habit of doing it too. Just a thought, with MS, and the attempts to slide the phone open while on the TS without losing connection.... could be causing you issues.

    This comes from someone who uses a TS at home and work and is constantly doing different things with it (including typing).
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    So is the consensus here that the behavior of the keyboard not lighting up on the TouchStone when sliding the phone open is a fault?

    I just got a replacement refurb and noticed this phone is exhibiting this behavior. I didn't notice this on my previous phone which I had since 6/09 and I've been using a TouchStone just as long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    brightness unlinked takes away from of the screen real estate to work.

    the brigtness inverted patch from jason doesn't. You can get it in quickinstall. It rocks.
    Brightness Unlinked on boot (the patch) takes up zero real estate.

    BTW my NEW PrPrPr&#$275$; $has$ $no$ $issues$ $on$ $the$ $Touchstone$ $in$ $regards$ $to$ $funky$ $keyboard$ $lighting$ YaY!
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