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    Using Location services, not GPS. My address is changed in Sprint's system. Any ideas?
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    Your phone isn't looking at what sprint it has in their billing records, so it isn't getting an accurate gps fix.
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    If you are using the same wireless router, it's MAC address is probably linked to your old address in google's location database. It's happened to me after a move before too.

    If you're not using wifi or are using a different router, then I have no idea.

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    have you tried resetting the network (carrier) settings as well as the PRN?

    *bring up the phone panel (screen you use to place a call) tap top left corner and choose 'Preferences'. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a dialogue box "network Settings" tap on "update settings". Once complete, go below it and update the PRL*
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