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    I am having an issue. I used the USB to drag and drop music to my Palm Pre, I made a new folder labled music on my pre to put the music into but now when i load either the standard music player or the music remixed, i just get the circle that shows its loading. It stays that way for over an hour. I dont know what i did wrong or what else i need to do. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!
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    what format is the music in? It might be in a format or bitrate that isn't supported.
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    Ahhhh, ::slapsforehead:: I didnt even think of that! They are in Mp3 and Mp4. Do you know what format is best?
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    The media indexer most likely got stuck, which sometimes happens coming back from USB mode. I hope you already tried this, but a reboot usually fixes it.
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    Check this thread, there are a few apps that will help with the transfer.
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    Thanks Guys, The reset worked! I am also downloading MediaMonkey to help for next time!

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