I used it earlier today for email. A few hours later I went to use it again and the screen stays blank. There is a very faint back-lit sort of glow. The phone still works -- I touched the screen where the phone icon should be, and the white LED notification light came on. So then I touched the screen where my girlfriend's speed dial number should be (number 4.) It dialed her number and I was able to talk with her. I could put it on speaker phone by touching the bottom left part of the screen, as always. Then I touched the notification area to bring the card down to half-size and flicked off the top of the screen just as I would always do when closing a program. This seemed to work.

It seems that Contacts also works, because when I typed in my own name and hit Enter, it brought up my voicemail. I was also able to get audio but no video from a video I filmed a few weeks ago.

What the heck gives? Anybody seen this before? I did a search but could not find anything like this. This is not the "slider snap" problem; that is fixed with a reboot. I've tried rebooting, I've tried pulling the battery and re-installing it.

Open to ideas here. I may just have to exchange it and have already written the company I bought it from (Let's Talk) about how to do this.