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    I almost feel stupid asking this question but I am a complete newb to using a calandar app.
    I basically would like to be able to fire up the stock app on the pre and see on a thirty (31) day calendar what days I am working.
    After fiddling with this thing for a bit (manually typing in my schedule for a few days), I figure there has to be an easier way. After years of working Mon to Friday 9-5, I am in semi retirement working a compressed week that changes from one week to the next.
    I have done a search on here before posting but that has only served to show me how much more complicated other people's lives are than mine. I don't need to syncronize various calandars or arrange meetings with contacts. What I need is a simple way to enter the days I work and have those days look clearly blocked off on a monthly view calendar. I am sure that there must be some quick way to copy and paste a full day block on selected days when I get my monthly schedule.

    Sorry if the question is basic, but any help would be greatly appreciated
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    there is a patch in preware that will default to the month view. have you installed preware yet?

    I'm not sure I understand the rest of that question. seems like you want to create a repeating appointment to span multiple days?
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    I am unclear about what you want too. Maybe if you quoted a sample work schedule that would help.
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    When looking at the month view if you have anything scheduled during the day such as 9-5 then it will appear on your month view calendar as being shaded, thus meaning something is scheduled that day.

    Sounds like to me what you are doing is creating an all day event basically saying I work this day, when looking at the calendar all day events do not shade your calendar. Currently it's a limitation of how the software functions, however it is something we are looking at how to efficiently handle.

    The problem is there is really two types of events that are scheduled this way "all day events" and "day long events"

    So an all day event is something like a birthday or a holiday, the thought behind this is why shade the calendar for such an event? Your calendar is supposed to be what you are doing that day, sure it's so and so's birthday, but if you are planning to do something for that person the idea is you would create a separate event lasting the time frame the event happens.

    I personally can't think of any day long events that you would need to schedule of the top of my head, but I'm guessing the idea would be if you was on call for an entire day that you would want to notate that.

    So wrapping all this up, the calendar can use some enhancements I think we can all agree there and we are always looking for your feedback on how you think we can improve it. Feel free to provide Palm with any feedback you may have on how the product can be improved by visiting Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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    To the OP: use tasks for the reminder.
    To Hardbeatz: all day long events such as seminars or exhibitions?
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    I suggest that you load the UberCalendar patch that brings you as much enhancements as possible to your webOS calendar app:

    1. number of week in all views
    2. subjects in week view
    3. alarm symbol in day and week view
    4. all-day events (with transparent colors) in month view
    5. much more reminder times for timed and all-day events
    6. much more reminder presets for timed and all-day events
    7. reopen in last view
    8. back gesture to go to month from day or week
    9. buttons and shortcuts for new event and new all-day event
    10. command menu button for Agenda homebrew app
    11. icons in day, week and month view
    12. menu options to toggle enhancements in week and month view (you need to leave the view to see the effect)
    13. option to compress also free time at start and end of day in day view (example: Yfrog Image : - Uploaded by MetaView)
    14. different snooze times (incorporate an older version of this patch)
    15. Snooze Duration Selection, you are encouraged to donate to him too
    16. different notification repeat settings
    17. meta-tap to copy an existing event
    18. open event directly from week view
    19. calendar view to select event date
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    Wow, thanks so much for the response.

    @Hardbeatz, you understand exactly what I'm looking for. While I feel less stupid about not being able to accomplish what I want to do easily, I am disapointed that it is an inbuilt limitation. Still I know that I speak for many when I say that I am thrilled to see that Palm support actively monitors and responds to posts on these forums. Thanks so much for that.

    @not yet pre, it seems that feature #4 of the Ubercalendar may help with my needs. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
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    I have several Google calendars set up that work as categories. Ubercalendar shades my 'on duty' calendar, set up with 'All Day Event', every third day. (Firefighter)

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    Update: I installed Ubercalandar and the all day shaded function works for my application.

    The only thing that would make my life easier would be a quick copy and paste function so that I could look at a month view and simply press the days on it that I work to have them shade. As it stands now, I have to touch the day, type a description (working), turn off the default reminder each time, set as a whole day event.

    I would love to have my work days as some kind of profile and simply repeat it on selected days. I see that there is a stock repeat function but that seems to only work when I assign the event to happen every certain number of days. This doesn't work for me as I work different days and a different number of days each week. The same profile works, as when I do work, I work the whole day from 10 till 9.
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    Set up a custom repeating event for week days (unless you work weekends too), specify the end date. This will give you all the days that can be, then go in and delete the days you don't work. When it asks if you want to delete the event or series, choose event. That should give you what you want.
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    Getting my October schedule tommorrow, will try this. Thanks!

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