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    When my battery dies, and the phone shuts itself off, I have to plug it in and wait 15 minutes in order for the phone to start the powering on process, and then after ~2 minutes for the phone to actually be on and I can actually use it. (so yes a 17 minute process)

    I always thought this was just how the pre worked, but someone said that is not normal.. Does this happen to anyone else? is my phone just a lemon?
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    yes, it is normal. it needs to see a minimum charge present before it will turn on.
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    Don't worry this is normal. The phone recharges to about 5 percent before turning back on. You have nothing wrong with the pre.

    I would add, letting the phone battery discharge all the way down can be bad for it (or so the manufacturers often say) if at all possible try to plug it in when you get that last shut down soon warning.

    if you really want to know more about your battery, checkout dr battery in preware or quick-install.
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    It does this because it needs to ensure that it has the proper amount of charge in the battery to completely shutdown as well.
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    Normal for the Pre. Not normal for most other phones..but hey, whatev
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