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    I am still a fairly new pre user, i just got it this summer and it is still stock. I have been hesitant to install any patches or homebrew apps because i really like the Pre and i dont want to mess anything up. Any advice for someone who is new to using patches?

    I am going to install preware on my device tonight. Are there any tips and tricks that i should be aware of before starting?
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    it is safe, solid, and addicting. the only tip I have is to get an extra battery because you will me tinkering with your phone 7x24

    once you see UberKernal/Govnah running at 1ghz, you will think you just got a new phone. and the mega launcher patch adds tons of features to the launcher.

    go for it!
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    Don't fret about getting into this. Many users have stabilized tweaks and patches. And, there is always a way back to a stock Pre. Go for it!
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    I too would say, don't worry at all! Play to your hearts content! The worst thing that would happen would be to mess something up (very unlikely) and have to doctor.

    To me, webOS doctor is one of the single best features of the Pre and webOS (along with multitasking and the Touchstone).

    Go take a look at Android forums for rooting/installing custom ROMs. You can brick your Android device if you do not follow steps closely. There is virtually no bricking a Pre. Honestly I don't know why the Android devices don't work similarly, but I've doctored my Pre several times and it is a piece of cake!

    Have fun with patches and homebrew and welcome to the Pre device you thought you bought! ;-)
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    I was super cautious about patches at first too. In fact I was so cautious that I returned my first Pre and came back about a year later. Now I've got 44 patches and for the most part my Pre is doing everything I ever wanted it to do plus more.

    I haven't ventured into overclocking yet, but I might in the future.
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    Just remember though, when an update comes along, read in the forums and keep an eye on Precentral to find out what patches you need to remove before the update, and always remove Themes before updating .
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    so is it recommended to instal uberkernal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Uchacz View Post
    so is it recommended to instal uberkernal?
    I don't think it's officially recommended, but it's pretty well supported here in the forums. The Pre FLIES at 1ghz. I can't ever see going back.

    install it and see how it is. You'll love it. (then remember to donate to webOS internals. They deserve it.)

    re: patches. Just read through the list in Preware. The developers thought of soooooooooo much that it makes the Pre sing.

    they are the reason I love my Pre.
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    as soon as you get uberkernel working, this is the first patch to download, because it does a ton of stuff. It will make it unnecessary to get many other patches.
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    I installed uberkernel but I didn't notice my pre being any faster
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    you need to install govnah to turn up the speed
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    You can also "play it safe" like me and only overclock when you're sitting down to do a bunch of stuff/use a bunch of apps/download etc. I turn it off when out and about, driving around and only using my phone and calendar.

    But as far as Homebrew patches and apps?! What's to worry about?! Never had a problem worth mentioning with those and they've made the Pre so sweet I'm not really champing a the bit for new hardware and 2.0 like I was before Homebrew.
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    Dive in - the water's warm. Sizzlin if you OC!

    Just stop by the homebrew and patch forums, and do a little studying. Be careful though - it can be a very addicting hobby. lol
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    I ran 15mo on sprint stock pre, whoa. I love homebrew & can't see going back. Welll sorta, just got friend switched to pre, man is it sloooww. Waiting to tweak it since it's so new (hp free +50 gift card) and she's totally non tech. Thought she was sending mail/txt and found she was swisihing them away,lol. Anyway, overclocked 1g, +94pkgs incl many homebrew. Love adv config launcher,twiddle/fiddled w/mode switcher, havin fun with all.

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