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    I know there is probably an answer to this in this huge forum, but I thought I would get a quicker response doing it this way.

    Here is the situation. My Pre is 16 months old. The screen is cracked in two places and scratched in many more. The phone seems like it's dying. I just got a new battery to replace the original one that with Dr. Battery, it said it was at 65% capacity. The new one was 77%!! It said new on the website also. I'm just sick and tired of my current Pre, but don't want to spend $100 on the exact same device.

    Is the Sprint Pre still 8 GB of hard drive space, or has it been changed to match the Verizon Pre (16 GB)? I forget, did the Pre Plus have a faster processor? I can't see myself spending the $100 to get a device that is so outdated and hopefully on the brink of being replaced with another WebOS device.

    What do you guys think?
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    The only difference hardware wise in between the Pre and Pre Plus is the Pre Plus has 512MB of ram and 16GB of storage, where as the Sprint Pre has only 256MB of ram and 8GB of storage, same processor and I would suggest holding out a little longer. If HPalm does not announce anything by mid October, well then I would suggest grabbing another Sprint Pre from Ebay or elsewhere. I know by Nov 1st when my upgrade comes, I will definitely be buying whatever is the latest and greatest, hopefully a new webOS phone.
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    I have a different suggestion. Go onto ebay or the like and get a verizon pre with a "bad esn" (they are cheaper that way). After you have the verizon pre, search this forum (or google) for pre-plus-sprint-step-step-conversion-guide. You can swap out the communications board in your broken pre with the one in the verizon phone and TADA, you have upgraded your phone to the pre plus! If you are concerned about the processor speed, I recommend loading preware onto your phone, downloading Govnah and overclock your pre with one of the screenstate governors.

    I have personally done the modifications above (I also got and extended battery and cover mod from, but I dont think that is necessary) and I love my pre!
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    I'm with spirex04... if you're up for the work. It's not exactly for the faint of heart.

    * Disclaimer: I'm shopping for an bad esh Vz Pre+. I'm up sometime in Nov. as well, but am somewhat skeptical we're getting a new device that soon. IF I get a Vz Pre+, AND am able to convert it to a Sprint Pre+, AND HPalm comes out with a new device in the next 60 days, well I'll have to admit I made yet another mistake. Oh well, it won't be the last one.
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    I can't believe that Palm didn't upgrade their Sprint Pre's to the Plus. I am so dissapointed with Palm and the Pre. I have so many little problems with this device and I need something new, but I don't want to leave WebOS. I love the operating system with passion fruit guava. I think it's safe to say that you cannot rely on the Pre in dire situations. This morning, I needed the camera quickly, and when I tried to open it, it just got stuck on the splash screen. When it finally opened, I no longer needed to take a pic and I wouldn't have been able to anyway because when I tapped the spacebar, a long lag occurred and then a pop up saying that the camera was unable to take a picture!! I had to close and open the camera app 5 times before I could take a pic, and after I did, I wanted to take another and it got stuck again and wouldn't bring back the snap a pic icon.

    Also navigation is wonderful, but it seems when you really need it, it gets stuck or can't find the location requiring a ##477# or even a 5 minute reboot.

    I need a new device!!
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    i had the same sort of thing going on with mine; scratched all the heck, beat up in general (i'm not easy on my devices), getting oreo, you name it. the last time i may or may not have dropped it ( ) the touchscreen went out (so not the phone's fault, really i am rough on things). anyway, i got a refurb overnighted, and it's great. no oreo, screen's fine, keyboard's all good; i'm pleased as punch. well worth $100 since i love webOS and i even love the pre when OC'd.

    i guess the point is, if you like webOS, just drop the $100 on another pre, homebrew it, and have fun with it until new hardware drops. maybe even do the Sprint Pre+ mod. i think i may try that myself, as i've heard that the difference is nothing short of amazing.

    just my two cents.

    edit: same thing with the battery here; i am at 72%. just ordered another one of here five minutes ago. if it shows less than 100% in Dr. Battery, it's going back, and on and on until i get a good one. i'm happy enough with the pre to do whatever i need to continue using this device until the new webOS wonder is here.

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