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    I have had more lag time than usual the last couple of days...the only thing I an think of that may be causing it is the Advanced Config. For Launcher....anyone else experience this?
    I like the set-up and customization and would hate to uninstall it and find out that was not the problem!
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    I installed this patch last night and noticed this too. I couldn't tell you why though. I absolutely love the customization this offers so at some point I will have to decide if it is worth the trade off.
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    My Pre has been sooo laggy for quite some time now. I've had that advanced config Patch pretty much since it's been available. I don't know for sure if that's the cause though. I created another Thread about my Pre's problems.
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    I don't have that patch installed, and my phone lags occasionally. However, our phones do have the tendency of being laggy and unresponsive at times. Perform a webos doctor on it. That's what it was made for. I would however suggest using this your carrier doctor version from webos internals: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals.

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    My phone lagged when I enabled the titles on the launcher pages. I had to turn it off since it was annoying me too much
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    if i doctor it will I use my patches, customizations, theme, etc?? or do i just run it as if I was doing a luna restart and everything restarts just fine?
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    themes need to be removed before running doctor. evewrything else should be fine
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    I haven't noticed any bit of lag using the advanced configuration launcher. I don't use page headers or icon titles. Just the hash marks for pages, and hide launchbar in launcher. Sprint Pre with Uberkernal @ 1GHz
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    I have this patch as well. I was using the tittles at the top but just tuurned it of and noticed the lag went away.. Try it and see what you think. I'm using the F105 kernel also.
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    i use the page titles and experience no lag whatsoever.
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    I use a lot of the features in ACAL including page names - no issues here. I have Sprint, webOS 1.4.5 (doctored not OTA update), ACAL ver 1.4.5-67

    OP, provide more info such as, carrier, webOS version, ACAL version...
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    I use it with the page titles and don't really perceive any lag. It (or something) did, however, cause an unrequested Luna restart the other day when I was flicking from one page of apps to another.
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    I had some lag and serious battery drain happening. I removed all patches, did a webOS doctor visit and reinstalled only the few patches I "needed" and also use the Advanced Launcher now with no lag problems and battery drain is taken care of.
    Good Luck
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    Similarly had lag issues and battery issues after the OTA 1.4.5 update and having added the adv. launcher config patch. But I was mildly patched to start with.

    Did a doctor and all is good.

    I am even more suspect of OTA updates with patches/homebrew/services as I was before. I think a full doctor is almost required to clean things up then repatch.

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