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    It ain't so!

    Here's the story....

    I was in a mall in Texas (I'm not sure if I can name the mall, but I'd be glad to!) and I stopped in a Radio Shack to look at the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic (mom's looking to upgrade and she's interested in these...I just wanted some info).

    Well, I mentioned the Palm Pre and one of the workers said that Sprint has discontinued the Pre. I said I had not heard anything about that and he said that it had been discontinued and was picked up by AT&T. AT&T then fixed all the bugs and is now selling it.

    Now, at the time, I was just put off that they were standing right over my shoulder while I'm trying to run the Evo through its paces, so when he said this, while I was shocked, I didn't care to fight back. That, and it had been a long day already and I was ready to go home.

    After I left though, I realized that this kind of misinformation really grinds my gears. Seriously! Is this what they tell everyone that goes in there that may be interested in a Pre, just to get them to buy an Android phone? I'll admit, I've been a Palm user since 2005 (except for about a year when I used a Curve....boring device) and I hate to see people driven away just because some footstool wants to get a sale. Does Radio Shack not sell the Pre??

    If y'all want to know which mall this was at, I'd be glad to share, if I'm allowed to. I already have a bad taste in my mouth from cell phone service at Radio Shack, but this just sealed the deal, in my book, and I will avoid that place as much as possible. It is a shame they carry odd electronic pieces that you cannot find elsewhere.
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    By all means.... share the mall.
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    Well I was in the Sprint store the other day and I noticed they didn't have the pre or pixi out to handle but they did have them in the display case, and they're still selling accessories so they must still be carrying them. Besides, Radio Shack is evil, like Time Warner Cable.

    And, btw, kudos for the Family Guy reference...
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    North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781 View Post
    It is a shame they carry odd electronic pieces that you cannot find elsewhere.
    DigiKey Corp. | Electronic Components Distributor | United States Home Page

    They send you a 2 inch+ thick catalog of every electronic part, accessory, and tool Radio Shack carries, at lower prices, with more verity in brands. The Shack is great for a quick fix, but long term projects need to go through digi-key. The catalog is free. (There's also the online catalog and a pdf catalog). I prefer the printed catalog. Cozy up with it next to the fire and have a nice read through of the different oscilloscopes and soldering irons.

    *on topic* I also find it horrifying that these sales people get away with talking out of their pie holes about certain products. Commission is a large part of the problem. People in places like radio shack not respecting their job is another. When I worked at McD's I always tried to make every (damned) cheeseburger right. The job sucked but I have a good work ethic 10 years later because of it.
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    I once walked into a RS and one of the higher up managers were in there, maybe a district manager. All he was talking about was cell phone sales. Yes, I understand there are less and less people putting together transistor radios and more uneducated people buying cell phones, but when they start to deliberately mislead a customer, that's where I get upset.

    When I first went to Sprint, the clerk at RS told me Sprint's phones are cheaper because they recycle the phones while RS's phones are brand new in box. I bought from them, because I needed the phone right away and didn't want to drive an hour to get it from a Sprint store, but I took them back the next day because I was not going to let that fool get his commission like that.
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    This really grinds my gears too! I wouldn't be surprised if this is in violation of one of any number of potential contracts that might exist between the three parties (sprint-palm-radio shack), although I'm more or less ignorant on the subject.

    And, btw, kudos for the Family Guy reference...
    Kudos for Dr. Horrible reference! It's pretty much my (current) favorite thing ever!
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    I called Sprint on an unrelated issue (data not starting when entering Sprint area, I have the EV icon, but no data coming through) and mentioned this to her. She didn't seem to care too much, but did say that Sprint is still carrying the Pre and has no knowledge of any plans to discontinue it.

    I would assume, if this was a violation of a contract, she would have said something. Although, I assume the first level customer service rep could care less.

    She was very friendly, though.
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    Peolple, why don't you correct them and tell them the facts? Maybe they just assume or heard rumors that kill Palm sales. Point them to precentral and get them informed. If you don't make them aware, they spill the same misinformation on to the next person, a potential Palm customer, who then settles for the competition.

    my 2 pennies
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    From what I have known hasnt verizon and at&t had the pre/pixi (plus version's) for some time now??? whats the bid deal. Im sure the rep. was trying to say this but didnt know what he was trying to say and just thought that sprint had lost the pre becasue the other carriers had gained them. Or something along those lines. Also most reps. who are on the floor dont know whats happening with operations and projects. They are, in most cases, just informed on their duties. Which are selling the types of phones they have and being very polite. Its rare that you will find a source who can give you real info on such information, and he/she would probably be a manager of some sort at the least. I have been very suprised at how they have been keeping this pre2 device so secretive. It makes me think that it dosnt even exist. But yes the pre isnt discontinued from sprint. But I do know they are trying to push them all at the momment to make way for the new devices this holiday season. That might be the reason why he told you that, because they had no pre's in stock at the momment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781 View Post
    North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas.
    I can't believe you just told us the name of the mall with getting expressed written consent from the mall CEO. Oh shank, you may get a fine!

    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    The Radio Shacks in my area stopped carrying the Pre/Pixi months ago. But my local Sprint store still has working displays.
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    Well, the Sprint Pre is discontinued at "The Shack" for sure

    Just go to a Sprint store if you are not looking for newly released phones.
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    Radioshack has a comfortable surplus of AT&T Sprint Pre Plus's, but no, they don't carry the Sprint Pre, and that's their way of saying so, "It's discontinued."
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    The only time Sprint will discontinue the selling the Palm Pre is when HP|Palm replaces it. So no worries. I assure you. Apart from the Evo phones.. The palm pre is their next best seller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781 View Post
    North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas.
    Ha, I haven't been to that mall in ages, well I guess I haven't been to any malls in ages. Except for Ingram, but only because they have a little stand selling watch batteries that can't be beat. My watch grinds through batteries like a fixed speed 1200 Pre and for some reason, that's the only place I can buy new ones that last a couple of years. IDK why that is. Anyhow, sorry to be off topic a little. Anyhow, I need to head to Sears across the street from there for a lawnmower part. Maybe the wife and I should stop in and rattle their cages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voltageROCK View Post
    I can't believe you just told us the name of the mall with getting expressed written consent from the mall CEO. Oh shank, you may get a fine!

    lol I have never heard the phrase "Oh shank" before but it is fuunny!

    "How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!"
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    It's not uncommon for radio shack to drop older products. They only carry so many products at any given time and rightfully so are going to carry the newer ones.

    It has nothing to do against Palm or against Sprint, many other devices on other carriers are dropped on a weekly basis.
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    Yes, plus with retailers, the back-to-school shopping is over, now they start shuffling inventory to prepare for Xmas shopping. Pre is 1.5 year old tech product, so not unusual for RS, BB, etc to remove or reduce dramatically the stock.

    Happens every year in retail land...
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    To be a bit more descriptive and slightly less sensational.
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