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    It ain't so!

    Here's the story....

    I was in a mall in Texas (I'm not sure if I can name the mall, but I'd be glad to!) and I stopped in a Radio Shack to look at the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic (mom's looking to upgrade and she's interested in these...I just wanted some info).

    Well, I mentioned the Palm Pre and one of the workers said that Sprint has discontinued the Pre. I said I had not heard anything about that and he said that it had been discontinued and was picked up by AT&T. AT&T then fixed all the bugs and is now selling it.

    Now, at the time, I was just put off that they were standing right over my shoulder while I'm trying to run the Evo through its paces, so when he said this, while I was shocked, I didn't care to fight back. That, and it had been a long day already and I was ready to go home.

    After I left though, I realized that this kind of misinformation really grinds my gears. Seriously! Is this what they tell everyone that goes in there that may be interested in a Pre, just to get them to buy an Android phone? I'll admit, I've been a Palm user since 2005 (except for about a year when I used a Curve....boring device) and I hate to see people driven away just because some footstool wants to get a sale. Does Radio Shack not sell the Pre??

    If y'all want to know which mall this was at, I'd be glad to share, if I'm allowed to. I already have a bad taste in my mouth from cell phone service at Radio Shack, but this just sealed the deal, in my book, and I will avoid that place as much as possible. It is a shame they carry odd electronic pieces that you cannot find elsewhere.
    Your first mistake was going into a Radio Shack. I understand you were mall weary and your judgment was probably impaired.
    "You can fool some of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time -- actually, those are very good odds!"
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    I had to go into the Sprint store to have them check my battery which was not working right (and they replaced with a new battery go figure) and I told the girl that helped me about precentral. Don't know why she wasn't aware of the major amounts of personalization that can be done with the pre. It's really ridiculous.
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    Saturday I had a RatShack employee tell me they had quit carrying Palm. But he did admit he didn't know if it was a long term thing or not.
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    Take everything that you hear from a store rep with a grain of salt.

    Take everything that you read online about a manufacturer, a carrier or a device that hasn't been confirmed with a formal press release with a grain of salt.

    Sales reps will tell you anything they think you will want to hear to make you make a purchase. Many less than scrupulous websites will publish articles without verifying the information from their sources to gain page hits.

    I tell people to do the same things with video games - read the reviews and gather enough information to determine if the purchase is "worthwhile". Before you put down $60 of your hard earned dollars try the game out and see if it is worth more than a rental. You can always return a rental.

    With phones it is a bit different - you can't rent a phone for a week to see if you like it. You can, though, play with one in the store. Granted that phone will be slower than **** and filled with additional software you don't need or want. But, it's great to see a phone at its worst. If you can handle the phone acting that way, you are set.
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    There was an announcement a while back that Radio Shack had declined to order any new Palm Pre devices. I don't recall if it mentioned Pixi.
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