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    I haven't seen this on the forum so sorry if I missed it already. This just unveiled by HP--a printer & tablet in one. Sadly, it is not webOS or Windows 7.0, but they think it is Android. I post it because even though I don't think I have a need for this product, I like the way HP is thinking outside the box.

    At the end of the article they make reference to the webOS tablet.

    The HP Tablet Is Here € In a Printer - PCWorld

    This may be a better link to avoid advertising:
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    Interesting and haven't heard much chatter about it...since everyone on Android is all pumped about the new Samsung android devices. Actually, I think it is a great idea and I'd buy one if I need an all-in-one printer replacement.

    I just recently setup a Officejet 8500 and it has a basic touchscreen interface that is useable, but comes with no extras. At least this unit gives me a couple of extras and I'm sure the Android devices can be made even better with the right updates and reconfiguration.

    Will it effect Palm or the PalmPad any, probably not and not in the same arena unless HP Plans to make both types of All-In-One printers (one with Android and one with webOS). We'll just have to wait and see, Sorli...
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    It's like Kin for Microsoft. A project that was too far into development to be summarily scrapped when other internal developments made it fully obsolete - in this case, when HP bought webOS. Now they'll be trying to sell the produced Zeus/Zeen bundles off, maybe to Enterprise customers only (like the Win7 Slate), to cut their losses. Don't expect much, if any, advertising to go out for this... Their losses aren't all that great anyway since they can reuse a lot of the knowledge and experience gained from building it - future HP tablets may be based on engineering efforts originally made for Zeen.

    I bet you a fiver that next year they'll release an updated version of the whole thing with a webOS tablet and/or software integration into any webOS device you may already have. And THAT, they will advertise.

    People need to realize that a lot of development goes into a released tech product, and that it needs time. When the buyout went through three months ago, this product was probably upwards of 90% finished, with some kinks being worked out, bugs in the software, the user manual written, package design being brainstormed, and so on. People are generally squeamish about such late-term abortions.

    Just because some people seem to ask themselves why HP would decide on an Android tablet when they have webOS... they wouldn't, and didn't. They probably had the idea of a tablet-controlled printer years ago and decided to execute with an android tablet a year or so before Palm were even on the market.

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