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    So a friend of mine has a pre plus from verizon and is having an issue that I don't seem to find any reference to on the forum, and since I am his "pre guy" i am trying to figure it out. (I have looked so if it is addressed, well sorry I couldn't find it)

    when he makes a call, the volume from his microphone starts to fade. This is heard by the person he has called. the volume of his voice starts strong and quickly decreases and begins to sound muffled. I had him call me using his palm wired headset and called again using just the headset. When calling using the wired headset the sound change is very dramatic but when calling using only the handset there is a definite a change but not quite as dramatic.

    1.4.5 uberkernal fixed at 800
    many patches

    don't have it in front of me so i can't list them all.

    I am planing on doctoring it and restoring it but that will be in a few days when I have the time.

    any insights or thoughts about the microphone fading would be appreciated.
    What does this button do?

    crappy phones -->treo 600--> 700p--> 755p--> Pre--->Pre- 2.1 F104-----Franken Pre+ 2.1 f105 ---> Franken pre2 2.2.4
    touchpad 16gig uberkernel woop woop!!!
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    does he prop it on his shoulder? sounds like he is covering up the microphone hole with his cheek.
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    I don't know, he mostly uses his wired headset for all calls and the volume reduction is most dramatic while using the wired headset but it also does it when using the phone without a headset.

    is there some software built in that adjusts the microphone sensitivity automaticlly? Could it be a software issue? Hmmm

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