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    Hi, and thanks for looking! I hope someone can help!

    Until recently, i was reluctant to get rid of my Treo 680 as it did everything i wanted it to do, mainly have a good calendar for keeping my clients appointments in. However, my vista laptop crashed recently, and i installed windows 7. My treo is not compatible with windows 7, so i got a pre.

    My question is this; how can i get my info off my treo when i only have windows 7 on my pc?

    I am also confused about these on-line calendars i keep reading about (eg google). Cant i just use the pre calendar and hotsync like i used to? The pre looks so confusing

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    are you using outlook, palm desktop, etc?

    I am a fan of Pocket Mirror to sync my Pre to Outlook. But, Pocket Mirror is something you have to buy. For me, that was well worth it.

    If you are using Palm Desktop, you might want to look at CompanionLink.

    Both have free trial periods so you can play with them.
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    Also, if you want to pay for an app so you can continue to sync with your PC, here is a thread that provides info on how to do that.

    There are other threads that discuss how to choose which sync app would be best.
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    Hi, i am using Palm desktop, 6.2 i think!

    Edited to add; i WAS using palm desktop, before i installed windows 7!

    Now i cant get the info off my treo!!

    I would prefer to continue to hotsync, so i will look at those links, thanks
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    Me again!

    I have downloaded the chapura syncmanager to my pc and the echo app to my pre. I have put an appointment in on the palm desktop on my pc to test, which synced to my pre. However, none of my existing appointments etc on my pre (sorted the windows 7 issue, everything is now on my pre) have been transferred to the palm desktop.

    HELP PLEASE!! Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    I don't understand your post. If everything is on your pre, what are you asking?

    do you intend to keep syncing with your pc or is this a one-time thing?
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    Hi, everything is on my pre, but i want a desktop copy too. I cant seem to move the info on my pre back to the plam desktop. I intend to keep syncing with my pc.
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    I don't think you can sync events from your Pre to your Palm Desktop. It is possible to sync from the Pre to Outlook on your computer (I think) by using some third party software though. As far as I know, unless you are using Classic for old PalmOS apps I don't think you'll be using Palm Desktop Software for much any more.
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    i recommend that you use outlook because it is supported by more stuff. if you want to use the "palm desktop", you should use CompanionLink.
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    I have tried companionlink and echo now, neither seem to take the data off my pre when i sync.

    PLEASE SOMEONE tell me how to creats a copy of my existing appointments that are on my pre! I looked at google calendar, but i dont understand how to get the info from my pre to the calendar! I have been doing this all day now at ITS DOING MY HEAD IN!!
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    what do you mean 'take it off' your pre. We can probably help if you can explain the outcome you are looking for.

    you should also send an email to companionlink support. They are excellent.
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    I transferred all my data (calendar appointments, contacts etc ) from my treo to the Pre using the migration download on the palm website. So all the data was transferred, using my friends windowx XP laptop (couldnt use mine as mine is windows 7 and not compatable with palm desktop). Now i need to keep a back up of this data on my windows 7 laptop. Echo and companionlink didnt work. How do i set up a google calendar and transfer all my existing appointments onto it?
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    oh, did you read my links where I recommended against putting that stuff in your plam profile? The reason companionlink can't see it is probably because it doesn't want to sync your palm profile with your desktop.

    it sounds like the old palm desktop isn't compatible with win7. If that's the case, do you have outlook?

    if so, you should install sync your treo with outlook using hotsync, then use companionlink to sync outlook with your pre.
    once you do that, you can put outlook and companionlink on your win7 pc and continue to sync with your pre.

    that's essentially what I did on my centro...
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    Thanks, will give outlook a try then. I have never used it, so i dont really know what i am doing!
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    it either that or go back to an OS on your pc that is compatible with the software that came with your treo.

    also take a look at the other desktop apps that companionlink supports. One of the others may be more to your liking.
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    Just realised i have microsoft works, and it has a calendar on it. Would i be able to use this?? Does microsoft works have outlook on it? Sorry for being such a novice
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    outlook isn't free and I doubt works will work.
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    I came from a Treo 680 as well and it wasn't a simple transition. It's been over a year but as I recall I first sync'd my 680 with Outlook, then exported everything from Outlook to a CSV file, then cleaned up the CSV using Excel (took weird characters out of the memo section, etc.), then imported the CSV into Google Calendar. Admittedly, this is a pretty convoluted process, but it worked better than the Palm migration tool, and by putting everything into Google you have access to it from any Internet-connected PC, and it syncs in both directions. The migration tool puts it into Palm's online calendar, and you can't see that anywhere but your Pre.

    It takes a while to break free of the old hotsync mentality and adopt the new cloud mentality, but in my opinion it is worth it in the end. Give it time.
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    I dont have outlook and cant afford it at the mo.

    Thanks for the info about csv files etc, whatever they are ( This is turning into a nightmare and i think i will send the phone back (

    What was so wrong with installing a disc and hotsyncing???
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