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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.C05 View Post
    Bevcraw, no I did not do that but can do so tonight.

    Canta, where do I locate my Palm Profile on my desktop or usb? I haven't sync'd my phone with anything except my Yahoo account, all through my phone. I've seen the Palm Profile listed and even if I select "All" accounts in the calendar section, it still won't come up.
    that's actually a good thing. your palm profile is located in "the cloud" on a Palm-operated server. In the link I posted, I make a point of recommending against putting anything there because you can't get access to it except on the phone. the easiest way to answer this question is to find out if your carrier transferred your contacts from the old phone, you did it with Palm's migration tool (I don't recommend either of those), imported them to google, or if they are still just sitting on your old phone.

    hopefully you don't have any contacts in your palm profile because it will make this seem less complicated.

    also, e sure you read the entire thread linked above, because it will make it easier for you to understand the various questions and ideas we offer.
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    Well when I bought the phone at Sprint, the guy did some stuff to it before handing it to me telling me to follow the prompts which included entering my email address which I did. The one and only one I have. Should I have not have done that? How can I undo that and follow your steps?
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    that's probably ok. did you have all your contacts on your new phone when you left the store?
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    Yes I did and still do.
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    Ok, so apparently I never verified my Palm Profile account. Now that I have, it's missing. ACK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.C05 View Post
    Ok, so apparently I never verified my Palm Profile account. Now that I have, it's missing. ACK!

    I'm not sure what this post from you means.

    so, let's back up and make sure we are on the same page.

    You have all the contacts on your Pre that are on your Treo, yes/no? And Sprint did that for you, yes/no? there is no bad answer, it just helps us figure out what your situation looks like.

    If so, they are most likely in your Palm Profile and therefore cannot be synced to a desktop app. let's set that aside for a minute.

    Is your goal to continue to sync both phones to the palm desktop app? If so, can you explain why you want to do that? (for example if the treo is still being used).

    If the goal is to continue syncing both phones, that's a different thing than what to do about contacts that are syncing between your pre and the palm profile in the cloud (operated by palm).

    if you still have all your contacts on your treo, this is simple. if not, it's still pretty simple. once we have that all figured out, it will be easy to delete them from your palm profile if it turns out to be necessary.

    so, let's answer the questions in bold text first
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    I do have my all my contacts on my Pre as I do on my Centro (old phone). Sprint did this for me when I bougt it.

    My goal is to just be able to have my calendar appointments (past, present and future) show on my phone as they do on my Yahoo calendar.
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    if your only goal is to have your calendar on yahoo and your phone, it sounds like you already have that. what's the question you want help with?
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    The problem I'm having is it isn't syncing ALL my appoints from the past particularly from Jan-April. I can't seem to figure out why. All the appts are still on my Yahoo calender.
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    i don't use an on-line calendar, so someone else will have to jump in to help. I sync with outlook on my PC and my calendar goes back a loooong way. not sure how far back it goes on my pre, because I only care about future appointments on my phone.
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    Hmmm okay, thanks!
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