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    The G Spot
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    which means very few can actually find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luau joe View Post
    The G Spot
    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    which means very few can actually find it.

    For more information on Sconix's (@therealsconix/@modeswitcher) webOS collective work... visit here.

    "Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still." - Dale Carnegie
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    Quote Originally Posted by workerb33 View Post
    which means very few can actually find it.
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    ... and some say it doesn't exist
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    mines Palm Pre > iPhone...
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    ill play:

    ssid: "haha FREE internet sprint"
    pass: "what30buxforinternet"
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    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 800W -> Launch Day Pre (RIP 08/13/10) -> Replacement PRE
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    DimcoNet after my Pug Dimco.
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    Virus Detected
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    Mine used to be...

    "The Password is "Goat""

    Of course the password is..NOT "Goat".

    So people just feel stupid when they keep trying to connect.

    Then when they ask me what the password is...

    I tell them I forgot it.

    Little do they know that I'm telling them that the password is "iforgotit"

    It's fun.
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    "Guy with Palm Pre has internet"
    ***I Twitter***

    Stop complaining & start doing ---> Leave feedback/suggestions for Palm here
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    I find so many networks with that default name, I like adding to the confusion. From my living room, there are 4 other networks with the same name.
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    "Andrew's Palm Pre Pimpin'"
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    webos palm pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    "Andrew's Palm Pre Pimpin'"
    I use "Palm Pre" in it too. Gets the name of the unknown phone out onto the airwaves.
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