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    Hi All,

    I know Verizon keyboards have been problems for people all along. I never had issues, but it seems with the 1.4.5 update my keys are getting stuck now. Like I press to and it gets "toooooooooooo" and then even on backspace and space I getting all these repeat characters.

    Any pointers?
    Thanks, KC
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    mine tends to miss letters and sometimes lags badly in an email..... not sure whats up but its a minor issue so I deal with it.
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    I experienced the same thing with my VZW Pre Plus. I shut the phone done, pulled the battery, waited 5 minutes and fired the phone back up. I have not seen this behavior since the battery pull.
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    i have been getting this quite a lot recently. It happens on messaging and email and is extremely irritating. Restart seems to clear, but not always the first time.

    I think it pre-dates 1.4.5 but is certainly happening more often.

    UK O2
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    That is Verizon saying they hate us for making them release the update.
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    Actually..i've got the same issue with my Sprint Pre.
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    Quick update, I think it might be temperature related. Last time it happened Govnah was telling me the internal temp was mid 40s and the whole phone felt hot, it had jst come off the touchstone.
    Possiby the restart helped, not for any softtware reasons, but just because it takes so long it has time to cool down a bit

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