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    Hi folks,

    first of all I have to mention this is my very fist Palm device and my question probably sounds ridiculous to old hands. On friday I got my Pre and yesterday evening I switched it off because the battery was almost drained. So, I hooked the Pre to the charger and just now, I switched it on and the battery was down from 10% - 5%. Does that mean I can't charge the battery in switched off mode?
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    When you say switched off do you mean you pressed the button at the top to turn the screen off or you used the shut down option? The only way you can turn the phone off is by holding the button and choosing the shut down option.

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    Yes, I mean the shut down option. Sorry
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    the phone doesn't charge when powered off. If you plug it in to power it should automatically turn itself on.

    If it didn't turn itself on, it wasn't properly plugged in or there is a hardware problem somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berlinerin View Post
    Hi folks,
    Does that mean I can't charge the battery in switched off mode?
    So in short: The answer is YES. It can't.
    Regards from Tempelhof ;-)
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    Ok, thank you guys!!!

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