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    Eh, I kind of get the feeling that a lot of these "improvements" are just placebo effect.
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    I've notised that my muic player doesn't crash when it tries to play one of my (many) corrupt mp3's, it just automaticly skip the song, and plays the next one And i am now able to play MANY more PDK games
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    Quote Originally Posted by schlk21 View Post
    I haven't noticed a damn thing, personally.

    Me either
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    Otherwise, everything seems much the same to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    Eh, I kind of get the feeling that a lot of these "improvements" are just placebo effect.
    As do I. Aside from Angry Birds and Galcon, I've noticed no benefits.
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    The only feature I care about has still not been im[plemented. Can not add attendees to a Calendar event. Basic business function. What on earth could be preventing this feather. Don't really care about birds.

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    Of course, there's also the fact that the GPS issue still has not been fixed...
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    Battery life took an immegiate hit for me. I loose 20% in about an hour and a half carrying the phone in my pocket. Will be checking into Dr Battery to see if this is coincidental or not.
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    I feel as if I'm running a little more sluggish as well, but I do have the UberKernel and a whole lot of patches installed which may represent some sort of conflict I understand. It's especially noticeable in the browser. Sometimes pages won't load at all.
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    The biggest improvement I have noticed is the speed and reliability of Mobile Hotspot to connect my laptop to the internet. With the old version I would have to disconnect and reconnect to actually connect with internet access. Now it connects first-time, every-time
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    Nothing new at all, except constant "Network Search..." in the top bar when the signal is less than perfect, and much worse battery life. What's involved to get my Pre+ back to 1.4.3??
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    On my ATT Pre, I can say it grabs a GPS signal a lot faster and is more accurate. I used to wait forever for it to find me in any app. Everything else is about the same.
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    faster luna restarts
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    The PDK compatibility is the most important aspect of the update, so you can have much more powerful and flexible apps for webos, and that excites me because a lot of apps are crippled compared to iphone and even android apps. So it's not really a change to the os so much as it is a foundation to make better apps for your phone
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    WebOS 1.4.5?... not in this part of the world!!! (hey Palm if you are reading this.. PLEASE release the update in Mexico (Telcel)).... feels like running a Ferrari, but stuck in 1st gear; still pretty awesome, but frustrating because you know you can get sooo much more!!!
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    I haven't really noticed any specific improvements with 1.4.5 - my battery IS getting drained more, but I have a feeling that's because I'm spending so much time playing Angry Birds on it!
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    I know Preware has apps for virtual keyboards. Does anyone know if there is one out there that incorporates SWYPE?
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    Quote Originally Posted by willdjx View Post
    I know Preware has apps for virtual keyboards. Does anyone know if there is one out there that incorporates SWYPE?
    Welcome to the forums. The virtual keyboard that is available in Preware still needs some work, as it is still buggy. There is not one that incorporates SWYPE. So the answer to your question is, not only is there not SWYPE, but there is still not a fully developed virtual keyboard solution as of yet. It appears that a virtual keyboard from HP/Palm will come before we get one that is fully usable through Preware.
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    I feel my battery life has returned to normal - maybe better than normal. It seemed to be draining faster after installing a patch to mute all apps on the phone. Since the patch the battery is holding its charge all day again - even with that patch.
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    MANY HAVE NOTICED that Palm has not repaired the PDF viewer in this phone and has now BROKEN IT with the 1.4.5 failure. No more zoom in on PDF's . All i really needed was a working PDF viewer in this phone to use for Business and personal use. NO they say, cant even maintain the POS they had. Just STUPID!!
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