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    Quote Originally Posted by vtboyarc View Post
    I'm pretty sure that if you don't close an app, say the music app, and switch to another app, the music will keep playing! (just an example).
    Oh it will, but with my experience with my webos device I had for 6 months, if I was playing music and trying to browse the web at the same time, the webos browser will stutter like crazy and freeze up and eventually get too many card error. Hence the bad memory management comment I made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    Oh it will, but with my experience with my webos device I had for 6 months, if I was playing music and trying to browse the web at the same time, the webos browser will stutter like crazy and freeze up and eventually get too many card error. Hence the bad memory management comment I made.
    I agree - it definitely could us better memory management services! I think the mere 256mb in the Sprint Pre hurts it tons.
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    Love it directly after the Overclock thing that made my Pre fast with no "Too Many Cards" ...
    I love th size and the Cards System and Palm.

    I hate the heat thing when using 3G Data (Unsolved)
    I hate the screen white spots when Pre comes Heat (Unsolved)
    I hate the Oreo thing (Solved)
    I hate the 2G buzzing (Solved)
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    My relationship with my Pre is like an abysive marriage. I'm the beat up wife in it too :/

    I want to leave because I'm stuck until my next upgrade and I'm getting sick of always having to doctor and getting replacements.
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    I love mine for many reasons but my favorite has got to be SMS Tone Per Contact. Every time I tell my iPhriends about it they get SO jealous! And, talk about bizarre, I was in the Sprint store today and told the girl that was waiting on me about the personalization, she had NO idea about the patches available. I, of course, turned her onto and she'll hopefully pass it on.

    As far as the people who've had issues with their phones, I wonder if you've ever tried taking it back to the store. I took mine in today for them to check the battery and they gave me a new one, and I've had the phone for a year on black friday. Seriously, my phone has been so fantastic, I love it more than any phone I've ever had. Absolutely worth it. I won't upgrade until there's a significant difference in the hardware.
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    Heat problem using 3G and battery. But overall heat is the #1 problem I got so far.
    So >90% my pre on-time is without 3G activated.

    Laggy keyboard when typing. (I'm using VZW Pre Plus)


    Lovely games, elegant multitasking, form factor, very good apps and patches, touchstone.
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    I love it. I had the evo for 3 months but I just couldn't stand android. I sold my pre on craigslist for the evo at the time but now I'm waiting on my new pre to come in.
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    best thing about the phone is the homebrew community, and PreCentral forum members in general.
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    Still like mine, would buy it again, but I'm still ready for the next generation Pre!!!
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    I would not buy again. But looking forward to future Palm hardware. Currently using the Evo right now and I hope HPalm takes a strong long at both what the iphone and android does right. Palm fell a bit down the form over function path.
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    Thanks for all the responses!

    I've looked at some other ones including Blackberries.
    IF I have to put on my reading glasses to see the keypad it gets a FAIL. So I've hung onto my old LG even tho the only colors I get are blue & black.

    I checked out a PRE in a store and can actually use w/o glasses.
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    got my new pre a couple weeks ago
    haven't got too in depth on it yet.
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    I would not buy again for the following reasons:

    • Music player is bad. Lacks the many advanced feature, lacks some attention to detail in areas, ease of use, poor syncing and desktop file management compared to other players.
    • No Apps i have interest in. Don't think they are coming soon either.

    Those two alone would keep me from buying it again but other reasons are:
    • Not a fan of the form factor. I'd now prefer a slab of horizontal slider
    • Palm isn't updating the things a care about.
    • Keyboard, have to use nails. keys don't travel.
    • Keyboard randomly skips keys and repeats keys.
    • Email client not robust.
    • Power button broke
    • Screen cracked from the usb door.
    • Camera lacks features, autofocus, zoom, exposures,
    • USB door broke off
    • Touch screen isn't as responsive as i'd like it.
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    Wow. totally just realized that this thread is old. So uh, yeah. nevermind.
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    Had my Pre for almost a year when the power button broke. Sent it away to have it fixed and had a Samsung Instink Android loaner phone for 6 weeks. Hated the phone but was on the fence about Android. The better app choices almost made me want an Android phone...but I couldn't deal with having to manually kill apps with a third party app-killer app . IMHO, The Droid is really the only phone to go with if you want Android.
    Finally got my Pre back and am happy now. WebOS is so much more intuitive than Android and the Pre just glitches no funkiness...just does what it is supposed to do.
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    I have had my Pre Plus for 6 months now. No problems what so ever. To me its more about WebOS than the actual phone. Wherever WebOS goes, I go from now on.
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    I wouldn't get it again

    I'm not techy enough (don't know how to homebrew or overclock) to own this phone

    nice OS, but crappy apps
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    you are buying the phone for webOS, not the phone really; the hardware is okay, but you are getting by far the best operating system out there

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    I bought it. Got the android bug, sold it, bought it again, sold it one last time and now I'm back and staying. It's just too good. Nothing can compare with the level of customization and how clean and downright good WebOS is. Now if only the Palm Catalog had more apps...
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