So this is a two part post. First I wanted to share that my phone can't be serviced because of a part that has been discontinued and second I wanted to share my experience with my loaner phone that I have at the moment.

At the beginning of the month I dropped my phone off to get repaired because the WiFi quit working (I have a service contract). I tried a Doctor and I still had the same problem. So I brought it in and mentioned that I was having problems with the ear speaker not working sometimes and the slider being loose too. I just heard back that a part has been discontinued and that they will not be able to service it. So I will be getting a new phone. I do not know what part is discontinued so I am not much help but I thought it would be interesting to note that either the WIFI antenna, ear speaker or slider is no longer available to this particular repair center. Has any one else had any problems like this recently?

So while my phone has been in the shop I have been stuck with a HTC Hero. I have not used many other android phones so I can't speak to if my experience is going to be the same across all android phones or just this one but some issues I am sure will be the platform and not just the hardware. My first issue I had is the phones ability to multitask. I do a lot of secretary work and I am a student. I regularly have multiple web cards, email accounts and calendars open all at the same time. I am usually copying and pasting info back and forth and updating stuff, all very monotonous. Switching between apps on Android is simply a pain. When I am used to just going to card view or swiping back and forward to different cards having to hold down my home key for a few seconds and then opening the other application is a real pain. The other issue is if you have more than 6 apps open then trying to reopen a app you ran a a few apps back means going back to your launcher. Another problem I ran into was the phone only let me have one active sync account. This is a problem because I have more than one that I use on a regular basis. Lastly is the phone does not have a built in To Do list. I have had a Palm since the original Palm by 3Com, it didn't even have the indiglo back-light. Because of the lack of an internal To Do app tasks on my Exchange account can't be synced or at least I can't find a way to pull them. I also experience random crashes of the SensUI, the phone hangs doing simple things, and I couldn't seem to pull up my call history while I was in a phone conversation. Maybe android 2.2 is better and will address a lot of these issues. Lastly I miss my patches that I had on my Pre. They are what made my phone mine. Out of all the patches I had installed the patch I miss the most is the speaker phone proximity sensor patch, it is the most amazing patch, so simple yet I miss it so much.