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    would be nice if end users had the ability to add tags to application names. this would facilitate searching for apps through the universal search feature. for example, if i install the 'market simplified' app, i would like to add the following tags to it:


    thereby, performing a universal search using any of the above tags would result in the 'market simplified' app listed in the search results. this would eliminate the need to remember the exact name of the app. i currently have less than 100 apps installed on the device, so finding the app by remembering the name is not that big of a deal. but one day when i grow up i would like to have 2000 - 3000 apps installed on my phone - then i think i'll really need a feature like this.

    btw, if this has already been talked about or threaded in a previous post, or if 'just type' will negate the need for the aforementioned, then please feel free to ignore me and this post. thx
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    You can use Internalz to edit an app's appinfo.json file to add keywords. You'll want to edit or add this line:

    "keywords": ["example1","example2","example3"]

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