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    Any and All help would be appreciated -.O

    This is for the Palm Pre. My touch-screen does not work. Is there a way to check to see what calls I have missed using the Qwerty keyboard? Are there any other methods of checking for missed calls without using the touchscreen?

    Thank you for your time everyone

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    The Pre is pretty much useless with a dead touchscreen. You can type in "phone" and it will display the phone app only and then press the return key to load the phone.

    That will at least get you to the correct app but I"m sorry to say I can't figure out how to pull up the call log from the keypad. I've been playing with it but the only way from there I can do it is with the touchscreen. Maybe you'll have more luck once getting to the phone app.
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    i appreciate you taking the time to play with the pre and trying to get to the 'missed calls' using the keyboard only.

    its frustrating, but i just have to be patient. i tried using the method you posted, but i'm still hindered from entering into that section.

    once again,
    Thank You God Bless
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    there is a patch in preware called open to phone log. With that installed typing phone should open to your missed calls
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    thank you much! i'll try this later! once i get off from work :O)

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    You can also call your phone to see if anyone left a message.

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