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    My phone will only boot to a blue screen that says that my phone has a problem and directs me to the site. I have tried everything at that site and have tried to doctor my phone about ten times. Each time it stops at 56%! Any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This might help: Memboot - WebOS Internals
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    what have you done to it recently that may conflict with any other apps/patches/kernals? did you try to boot it on your computer as a usb drive? or reboot by taking the battery out and putting it back?

    remove the battery and then hold down the up volume switch on the side of the phone while you put it back in. it may boot up to usb drive mode and you can then manually delete whatever you last put in (or downloaded from an email?) and then maybe you can restart and doctor if still necessary.

    i'm not an extreme expert here but i have done these things and i managed to work it out ok.

    hope this helps. oh, and i found an old post about the classic ap having two readme.txt files, or something like that, that were causing the blue screen of death a year ago. do you have an old version of classic (the tuxedo guy) installed by chance?
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    How on earth would a dummy account help?

    Follow the other advice and use a different doctor version. That screen usually appears because the new OS version was somehow corrupted and didn't install correctly.
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    Just baffling! LOL
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