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    I am curious as to what people keep there.

    Do you set it up and leave it with your 4 most often-used?

    Do you reconfigure for different situations?

    For all I do with my Pre, I have been very timid about changing this around too much. I swapped out email for texting, then simply ordered it with calendar, contacts and phone.

    I have tried swapping out the phone for different quick dial programs, but never felt they opened fast enough. For a few days, I was REALLY brave, and took the phone out entirely, subbing in the camera (we were on a trip) and actually just using universal search for all my phone needs. But, I slipped back to keeping the phone there.

    Also, wouldn't it be great to add some kind of function key process that adds hot keys? The Treos and Centro let you configure the hard hot keys for dual functionality, so you could hold your function key, and press any of the hot keys, and it would open up a separate app. It would be great to hold the function key on the Pre, press the launch arrow, and open a whole separate layed of hot keys. Or to be able to configure smaller icons and fit a few more in. Or be able to scroll left or right like you do with multiple cards, so you can fit a few more in. Or even to remove the launcher arrow, since it's redundant and put in at least ONE extra app.

    But, I digress. So... what's in YOUR launch bar?
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    Facebook, text, browser, calendar.
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    I have, which is a browser application of sorts with predefined web sites. It happens to have a good number of the web sites that I frequent and an added taste of the icon looking like a phone. I have the app called Securestore, which has "sensitive" web sites that are password protected. My two other icons are the email and messaging icons. For phone contacts, I have a launcher page dedicated to my most frequent contacts. Overall, pretty sweet set up

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    Phone, Quick Contacts, Email, Texting

    PS - I like the Quick Contacts app! It's very convenient for those who are too lazy to type in a name in Contacts when their list is WAY TOO LONG because of Facebook integration.
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    Browser, calendar, music remix (the newest one being tested), and govnah
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    Phone, Contacts, Email, Calendar.
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    Phone, Music Remix 2.0, Dr. Podder, Browser
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    browser, agenda, bad kitty, facebook and my favorite...... The launcher arrow!!
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    Phone, Browser, Feeds Free, Twee.

    Also, in case you didn't already know there is a way to assign speed dial keys to the Pre. Just open the contact you want and tap on the Contacts menu. You will notice a "Set Speed Dial" item which allows you to assign any key on your keyboard (except for E/1 which is reserved for Voicemail, B/#, and Z/*) to any number. Once you've assigned a key, you just hold it down and it will call your speed dial number just like with the Treo. (You do need to be in card mode to do this however - you can't do this from inside any app.)
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    Web, Mail, Calendar, and my own custom I.C.E. (In case of emergency) app.

    However, the reality is that I tend to use Universal Search more than anything. I'm surprise how little I use the launcher compared to my wife.
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    Phone,simple weather,browser and camera.
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    Email, Messaging, Quick Phone Dialer app, Calendar
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    Govnah w/ updating icon, weather icon, messenging, zipsquare.

    The zipsquare spot is negotiable. Used to be calendar but changed thanks to today menu patch it pretty much freed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    But, I digress. So... what's in YOUR launch bar?
    Useless Launcher button - would be nice if it could be replaced with something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickNeff View Post
    I'm surprise how little I use the launcher compared to my wife.
    That probably could have been worded a little better.
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    Quick Dialer, Web, Music Player (Remix) 2.0, GeoStrings
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    browser,phone,text,camera,i guess that's the four I use the most. Although the camera could go I guess.comes in handy sometimes,like when there were deer last week near my yard. Camera needs zoom.
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    camera, tweetme, email, and stitcher podcast player

    i moved contacts and calendar to page 2 where i can find it more easily since i have uber amounts of apps to wade thru on first page. im addicted to homebrew and anything beginning with the letters "free to download"

    contacts are found by typing anyway and i have the system menu today menu patch so i can drag my finger down top of screen to see my days schedule in a blink.
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    Browser, Facebook, Pandora, Text

    I wish we could get rid of the launcher button as well since there is a swipe for that. I also hide my Launcher Bar now, which gives my phone a cool and unique look. It is funny when people see me unlock my phone and not see anything on it. Then I start swiping and the phone comes to life.
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