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    Web - Messaging - Email - Calendar
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    Phone, text, camera, google map
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    Communicate, Web, Email, Calendar
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    - Phone (i hate having to open slider to type in info for universal search. this is a must for me on the quicklaunch. Dialpad is a huge convenience for quickdial shortcuts)

    - Calendar (with Sconix's new Today Menu patch for the top bar newly in place, I might remove Calendar and use the real estate for something else)

    - Tasks (for my daily lists, for the list-checker in me)

    - RPN calculator (must use this at least a dozen times ea working day)

    - Launcher (I agree with others. What a waste of an icon space! Would love to put ToDo Classic on the quicklaunch bar instead.)
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    Also, for those that are critical of what others have in their launcher bar - maybe they find it useful to THEM. That is why it is their launcher bar.
    I'm not really trying to be critical (and I apologize if I do seem that way) but really just trying to highlight the usefulness of universal search. It took me a while before I started using it, myself. It's one of those things that really separates WebOS from other phones.

    As others have mentioned, if you dial numbers not in Contacts or simply don't want to open the slider, having the Phone on the launcher makes sense. But, I suspect that there are many who leave it on since they don't really take advantage of what universal search has to offer.
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    web / messaging / email / music
    i just type a name to dial or open other cards. sadly, others get very frustrated by this lack of a phone icon.

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    Phone, Camera, Messaging, Govnah

    ...and I like the Launcher icon right where it is. One of my favorite "moves" is opening the Launcher via Wave Bar -- more efficient from within an app than two up gestures, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    I swapped out email for texting,
    Oh I never thought about this. Thank you thank you thank you. Now I I just put that (oh and I have my phone, e-mail and calendar -- I use all 4 now -- used to have the contacts but since I learned that I just need to start typing the name I don't need the contacts icon).
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    I have
    Pronto Dial

    I should remove the Contacts and add Facebook but haven't went there yet.
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    i actually only have the launcher button in it.

    i have the auto-hide patch installed. it cleans up the screen so well
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    Quick Contacts, email, calendar, Done! beta

    wish I could replace the Launcher button since a simple swipe up does the same thing.
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